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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Art restoration backwoods style...

Who needs an art degree? I just wing it when it comes to art restoration. I bought this Charles Russell print at a garage sale last summer for the grand sum of $5. The person who put price stickers on things plunked the sticker right on top of the paper in the upper left hand corner resulting in a big white spot when I removed it! Today I got tired of looking at that white spot so I decided to paint over it. I knew I could never match the old, aged looking paint color, so...I painted my own happy little clouds in the sky! lol!

Charles is rolling over in his grave as we speak! I'm still not finished with these clouds. Judging from the rider and mule and the rock in the background, I need some orangey sunshine on those clouds. They're pretty flat at the moment.
Anyway, I thought it was pretty fun being so audacious! Why not? It's just a cheap print! I had some acrylic paint left over on my palette, so I slapped it onto a canvas panel...

...then I mixed up some more and splashed it onto another canvas. I have NO IDEA what I'm going to paint on top of these two backgrounds, but I've been putting off doing anything with these canvases and I think I needed to do SOMETHING to get started!

I've been reading "Living Your Strengths", which is a very intriguing book on finding out what your talents are and turning them into strengths. Finding your niche in the church and in life in general. I'm probably going to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder test this afternoon to find out what my five Signature Themes are (five main talents). I have some idea, but I'd like to see what their opinion is. It costs about $10 to take the test. I hope it's worth it!

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm going to try to stay warm (it's still damp and cold outside here) and have some artsy fun this afternoon. Maybe I'll play some Rend Collective while I play. :)



  1. You've been having lots of artsy fun, I can see already! This, I believe, is what we call creativity. Good for you being audacious.

    1. My happy clouds look worse every time I look at them, but they've gotten a little lighter as the paint dries. Still thinking what to do next. :)

  2. I love this old cheap print very much! And I love you style of restaurating the white place with clouds. I think you live your strengths very good. This book, I am sure, is very interesting!

  3. You did an exceptional job of camouflaging the dreaded white spot. I think Charles might be proud of your work. A little warmth would be good on the clouds. On a similar note, a woman going blind gave me her art materials and in them was an unfinished painting. I finished it and thought it looked super. She was not amused or pleased. So it is better Charles isn't around although a few clouds seem to improve the overall print, to me.


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