Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Sunday, April 27, 2014

More ATC's and a new artistic interest...

I still have one ATC to make for the Muppet swap, but I'm also signed up for the May Bizarre Holidays swap and that deadline is much closer, so I started on those cards today. Here are two I've finished.

And here's one I've penciled in. It's Dinosaur Day.

I've also drawn one for Jigsaw Puzzle Day, but that wasn't even exciting enough to take a photo of! I hope when I get it painted it will be cute, at least.

My new interest is (drumroll) SCRATCH BOARD! Here's my first attempt at making marks.

 Do you like my scratching tool? I actually found this among some of Bob's old tools out in a shed the other day. I thought, "I can use this scalpel-like instrument for something!"  (I just looked it up online. It's a carving knife!) It works really well for this. I may eventually buy one of the pen-like scratching instruments with a nib, but for now I'm finding freebies around the house and experimenting. This is "student grade" scratchboard, but that's okay, because I'm a student! (It was tricky taking this photo left-handed!)

It's overcast and windy this evening. I think it's in the 30's. I love to listen to the wind whistling in the chimney and rumbling around the corners of the house. :) Nice to be inside and warm!
You all enjoy your Sunday evening. I'm enjoying mine! I think I'll read for a while. Tomorrow's a work day. :p



  1. Scratch away, friend! I like it!
    I'm glad you were able to relax and play on this blustery day!

  2. so glad you were able to find a tool you can use and didn't have to buy one. always a very good thing!

  3. Yes, Lisa, I like your scratching. Like you, I have found tools I never knew were around and lots of various fishing-type knives.

  4. You are very creative, Lisa! Your work has a special calmness. Your searching is peaceful. Colors are in your life and soul


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