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Friday, April 11, 2014

Plein aire idea...

Did I spell that correctly? Anyway, I think it was the Frugal Crafter who suggested using lemonade mix jars for carrying water when you are out and about doing art. To tell you the truth, I've never done art anywhere but at home, but I though I might pack up a few things and take a stroll out to my woods someday when the weather is warm enough.

Aren't these a good idea?  (I remembered that I had two of these in my cupboard that had been there for quite some time. I dumped the contents, which were getting a little old, and now I have travel jars for my watercoloring!)

The lid can be used so you have a clean water and dirty water container in one.

Learning all kinds of good things from the Frugal Crafter! I'm thinking about making some things for a craft fair. I might have to aim for summer 2015. I'm kind of late getting the idea! :)

This is what our area looks like at the moment. Bleck. But I have hope! God renews it every year. Patience! :)

Babysitting soon so I'll wrap this up. Have a great weekend!


  1. Lisa, you still have snow??? Our weather is warm and wonderful, at last. The flowering trees are in bloom. Dogwood and redbud trees and forsythia. Everything is gorgeous. I love your idea for portable water to use doing plein air, or however it is spelled.

    1. Yup, still some snow here and there and everything is brown and ugly. But it WILL green up eventually. I KNOW it will! :)
      I think your spelling of plein air looks more correct, lol!


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