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Monday, April 21, 2014

Carnivorism and Dave Ramsey...

My nicest Easter treat? Phone calls from my two boys who live afar!

Saturday night Jordan called after an eight hour day of rehearsing at his church for the Easter concert they do every year. Fortunately, he wasn't going to sing the lead on all of that music. His pastor is quite talented and musical. Jordan did background vocals mostly, but it was a long day! We had a good long conversation about all he's learning in life. Dave Ramsey was mentioned as we spoke of his books and my intentions of reading them. Everyone in this family is working on getting finances in order. Since my husband's passing my oldest stepson is trying to get things straightened out with my finances and this help is spilling over to all of his younger siblings. It's a good thing! Jordan and his girlfriend recently broke off their relationship (amicably-they work together) and I wanted to be sure he was really okay. He said he is and he's waiting on the Lord because He wants God's will in all of his life and he's willing to go in any direction the Lord leads him.I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Jordan's voice and knowing that all is well with him!

Jordan leading worship at his church in Burleson, TX.

Yesterday my son Josh called from Kentucky to wish me a Happy Easter and once again a long conversation ensued. He and his wife are trying to live a vegan lifestyle (though their kids don't follow all of that). I mentioned the possibility of someday buying a couple of sheep and raising my own meat for the freezer. This brought up a discussion of how efficient it is to feed animals lots of grains and how efficiently that is then turned into meat on the animal. It's not an efficient use of grain at all, as it seems. I'm willing to learn more about this. They are very concerned about food supplies for the world and how that grain could be better used to feed starving people. After our conversation I ordered two books from Amazon; namely Your Money or Your Life and Afluenza. The first I've been meaning to read for years and the second is about our culture's overconsumption of goods. My kids are teaching me a lot!

Josh and Jess

I'm also joining MK's revolution of reading! What a good idea! And with all the books on my list I'd better get started right away! Right now I'm reading Circle of Quiet by Madeleine L'Engle. (Note the closed laptop. What discipline!)

But now I must get ready to go to work. I'm very proud of myself for getting some house cleaning done and some work on sorting through newspaper clippings of my daughter's gymnastics years. Baby steps will get it done eventually, as son Jordan reminded me in our conversation. :)

Y'all have a great day filled with the shalom of the Lord.

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  1. What a blessing your boys are to you. And they are lucky to have such a humble mother. ;-)


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