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Thursday, April 10, 2014


This is a photo I put on Facebook and thought I'd share here. I used Picmonkey to add the text and the photo was taken in my back yard a year or two ago.

And a TON of collages I made using Picmonkey. "Someday" I'm going to print these all off and put them in my photo albums. I'd really like to get some of my favorites out of my camera and computer and onto paper. I don't trust technology!

Jordan, Micah and Josh with Nathan

Micah and Jordan, Josh, Micah and Adam

Jordan at the Alamo! Nathan and Josh and Micah.

Audrey with Micah and Grandpa Bob

Grandpa Bob with Audrey and in upper right with Starry and Audrey.

Audrey's first birthday and with cousin Nathan.
Hazel arrives on the scene! (These photos aren't in neat chronological order.)

Hazel with Grandpa and Audrey & gramps on the piano.

Hazel meets Uncle Jordan!

Audrey being sweet.

Sisters! And more Hazel.

Audrey (left) and two Hazels.
The many talents of Audrey.
Sporting the new diapers and Hazey in pigtails.

More of my three favorite people! (Four counting Nathan!)
Okay, got that out of my system for now. I'd better have some lunch and pack the granny bag for my visit with Audrey and Hazel. :)
Shalom all!


  1. Aw, such sweet family pics! I hope Granny Day is awesome, Lisa!

  2. Precious, precious photos. :)


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