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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Finished April Bizarre Holiday cards...

Here they are!

I didn't get much sleep last night. It seems like it's very difficult to unwind after closing at the deli. I think I get overtired and the adrenaline has been pumping all day, so it's hard to switch it off. I then stay up too late and wake up early and can't go back to sleep! (Whine, whine...)
I babysat Audrey and Hazel today. At one point Audrey planted herself in front of me, looked down her nose at me in a grandiose fashion and announced, "I am King Audrey!" I had to ask her to repeat herself, which she did while still in character...then she giggled like the little 2-1/2 year old she is. She is such a card! Hazel is delightful as well and is learning lots of words. Of course, a lack of vocabulary doesn't keep her from TALKING. She's called Adam "Mommy" for ages. Today when she looked out the window and saw him walking toward the house she started yelling, "Nonny! Nonny!"  Poor Adam. ;)  Oh well, at least she was excited to see him! Even when she doesn't know the right word, I can tell exactly what she wants. That's the point, right? The cutest and smartest little girls in the world. And I'm not prejudiced.
Sporting their new diapers...

 Hazel in piggy tails.
King Audrey
It's going to be another late night. Micah's van got stuck in her driveway (dumb winter) so she drove my car to work. When Adam got home he got the van unstuck and I drove it home. SO, Micah will drop by here after work (probably between 11:30 and midnight) and exchange vehicles. My purse is in my car, so I'll be staying up to be sure I bring that inside. Oh well, I'll try to sleep in tomorrow morning before my afternoon babysitting engagement.
Peace and sleep to all!


  1. Lisa, I should know what kind of problem you are having commenting on WordPress...can you explain to me? Maybe there is something I can fix?

    1. It's a password thing I have to fill out any time I go to a Wordpress blog. I can never remember what password I used. Sometimes they give you the option to click on an icon to use your Facebook account, but I'm not sure that option was given. I'll try again and see what happens. But that's why in the past I've just bypassed Wordpress blogs. It seems like they make it hard to comment.

  2. Hi Lisa! I think you need a little lavender sprayed on your pillow. That will help you calmly drop off to sleep. I have the same thing going on most nights. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.
    I like your drawings very much!
    Aren't granddaughters delightful! Yay!

  3. Your first paragraph describes my life except about the deli. I have trouble with sleep too, often waking up and not able to get back to sleep. I found that eating a bowl of oatmeal, sitting up for a few minutes, and going back to bed will get me to sleep again. Probably not too good to eat and then sleep, but it works for me. I think the sleep thing is related to my change of status from half of a couple to a single. Still grieving. Still working to get the old papers from many years ago sorted and disposed of. Your drawings are so good. I especially like the guitar.

  4. I forgot to say how darling the grandkids are. You have good reason to be biased.

  5. I always had that problem with WordPress blogs when I was away from home and forgot my PW. I was always making a new PW ! Finally I used one that was ultra familiar and haven't forgotten it yet. ;-)


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