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Saturday, July 5, 2014

A glorious 5th of July...oh, deer!

Ahhhh....a beautiful day for rest and relaxation. Recuperation from a long work week!

I've been sitting in my favorite chair for a bit, drinking my coffee and reading a little of Psalm 22, which is where I left off last time I read. As David prophetically describes the crucifixion of the Lord, I am enjoying a beautiful sunny view out of my window.

The beauty of scripture and of God's handiwork in my backyard join and make me very thankful and content.

It's a sunny, humid summer day. I have all of the windows and the sliding patio doors open so that the breeze can waft through along with the sounds of bird song and the whispering sound of the wind in the trees. I've seen gold finches, blue jays, crows and a brown thrush this morning. All are busily flitting hither and yon. I see Mama Cat stalking through the long meadow grasses looking for voles.

Millie and I have begun mowing the back yard. I think I'll take it in short spurts. It promises to be hot and humid today and I'm supposed to be recuperating from work, right? But we'll get it done a little at a time. I really enjoy mowing, but this lawn is all up and down hill, so it takes some effort, on the uphill part anyway. :)
This is another favorite sitting spot right outside my "front" door, even though the way our house is situated, it's really the back door. To get a really unobstructed view I need to carry my chair out into the yard, but this is a good place for watching the sunset.

The "Oh, deer" part of my blog title? Well, I suppose deer must like sunflowers, because I came home last night and the first thing I noticed was these odd looking sticks in my garden. Wah! I have some more seeds, so I'll toss them in the ground and see if they can make sunflowers before the first freeze! Why not try? :)

Everyone else is growing, though I'm thinking I won't have much for produce this year. I'm overdue for a feeding of Miracle Gro, so I may do that this evening.

 I love the way willow leaves look when it's windy. The silvery undersides shimmer in the sun.
I'm going to try not to just sit all day. Besides mowing, I'm hoping to putter around the house during the hotter hours of the day. I have many small projects such as putting some photos of children and grandchildren in a large frame to put on the wall. I also have some painting on ATC's, and of course, lots of books to choose from.

The population in our area swells during the summer. On my way home from work last night I was so thankful to be headed home while hundreds (thousands?) headed into town for fireworks. I'm not a crowd person, so I was glad to escape the noise and confusion. There were lots of private fireworks shows going on all around me at home, though I could only see a few because of the trees. That was enough for me! (The trees are much more interesting than fireworks, in my way of thinking.)

I hope you all have a splendid weekend!

Shalom. :)


  1. Hi Lisa! I'm glad you are getting a break from all the hustle and bustle in town! Deer like sunflowers? Well, who doesn't?

  2. Dear Lisa! I love the new drawing on the top of your Blog VERY much! Such a wonderful drawing! I really feel the air in tis drawing, smell the air, feel the light and the summer-energy.

    You have a beautiful garden, a mix between English-Garden and farmer's range :)


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