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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Harvest meal...

Ah, home! After a hard day's work it's nice to roll into my driveway and anticipate an evening of pleasant activities. The first thing that crossed my mind was checking on my summer squash. They had been tiny  a couple of days ago. Have they grown? After changing into some more comfortable clothing, I went outside to forage. A nice little harvest!
These little veggies have been fending for themselves for the most part. My garden hose didn't make it through the winter, so these guys have only had whatever rain falls upon them, plus a few buckets of water I hauled to the vegetable patch one day. If we don't get rain soon I'll have to break down and buy a hose! I decided to make a chicken stir fry. (Not a lot of color contrast, but it was tasty!)
I had some cherries that were getting soft, so I decided to try making a cherry cobbler. I think my baking powder has lost its oomph. I should have gone for a crisp instead. :-/

And now some outdoorsy shots. This was a couple of days ago. Hard to see the little beads of dew.
The little morning glories are showing off again!
 Purple petunias!
 The sky yesterday evening clouded up and looked very threatening...

After the clouds passed over the evening sun spilled over the countryside. I love it when it does this!

I tried to post these yesterday but either Blogger or my computer weren't cooperating. Anyway, we had a cool evening and the breeze was so fresh and cool I had to close my windows!

It was a hectic day at work, so I think I'll just veg out a bit. Hope you all had a great Sunday!



  1. It does feel good to come home and mess around in whatever way one wishes, doesn't it?
    I love the look of those veggies! Well done, little farmer!
    I hope you rested! Tomorrow off?

  2. The veggies look yummy. The photos with the dark clouds would make wonderful paintings, Lisa. Say, I have decided to extend the deadline of my giveaway till Saturday night because I don't think anyone comes to my blog during the week, only on Fridays! Hope that is OK with you.

  3. This is a great meal: "selfgrown" zucchinis and cherry-cake! Congratulation!

    The sky looks dangerous! We had similar weather here with a lot of water coming from the clouds in some regions.

  4. I'll bet that the cherry cobbler was delicious ( did you have it with ice cream?)

    1. Actually, it was kind of a flop, but I'm eating it anyway! Yup, I did have some ice cream, too. ;)

  5. Those squash look very pretty for not getting as much TLC as you'd like. Yummy!


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