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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Yup, this is what I'm doin'...

Let me tell you what led up to this moment. This last weekend (the weekend I work) two ladies quit. Actually, one has been gone for a week and a half, so we were already short staffed before the second one walked out on Saturday. So, we've been scrambling trying to do their work in addition to our own. So, then, I was asked to come in today (My day off; I'm still exhausted after what we call "the weekend from heck"; this is the tourist season and the tourists expect SERVICE NOW!) to help catch things up. I went in for three hours, put the salad bar together (a two hour job) and made about 20 lettuce salads to sell on the shelf. Three hours in all. Then I told the boss I was going home. (She hadn't specified how long she needed me.) SO, by the time next weekend rolls around (my weekend off) I will have worked 8 days in a row (counting the short day today). Sorry, folks, but I'm not going to work my entire day off because the store can't keep enough people hired. I'm exhausted and this is physically draining work and very stressful. I tend to work as fast and hard as I can and I don't seem to have another speed, so at my age I have to crash and burn at some point. Hence, a two hour nap on the couch. Now, my whining is over. :)  On to a more pleasant topic...

A fellow gave me two tomato plants. He claimed they were Rutgers...
Hmmm...I'm thinking maybe Romas? In that case I'll have to find someone who makes tomato sauce! :)

The lettuce is growing a bit.

A morning glory is enjoying the support of this old wagon wheel. The weeds are healthy, as usual.
Another morning glory sporting tiny orange trumpets...and more weeds. I'm allowing the little shamrocks to grow because they're so cute. The other weeds I pull a little at a time. This is a very simple, no stress garden. All I can handle. :)
It's been SO windy the last few days. I keep reattaching the whirlybird's tail and it keeps blowing off! See how my mowed lawn ends in a prettyish kind of little wilderness? I do mow along the driveway and then widen out into lawn. So it doesn't look quite so wild. But I'm officially in the country, so I can get by with living in the middle of a big, grassy meadow. :)
I look forward to my sunflowers brightening up the garden! Wish I had planted two rows side-by-side so the grands could make a sunflower house out of them. Maybe next summer I'll remember to do that! :)
The weather's been so weird this year. A cold spring. Now some rain and warm days. The garden starts and stops. I'm not sure how much will actually produce, but I figure the garden and lawn mowing are just excuses for me to get outside for some fresh air. That is their raison d'etre and that's enough, right?

Now, I'm off to visit some of you and perhaps brew a cup of tea. Happy birthday to my oldest birth child, Jordan, who is 32 today! (He doesn't know where my blog is. I'm just bragging on him!) He has always loved God and wanted to serve him. Now he's the worship leader at the Open Door Church in Burleson, TX. I think he's very happy, and that makes ME happy!
So glad he was born. What a blessing and a joy!
Y'all have a shalom filled day, ya hear?


  1. Hi Lisa! Happy birthday to your good boy! I can see why you are so crazy about him and why you are so thankful for him.
    Yikes! You ARE working a lot. I have that beach book, too. I haven't started it yet though.
    Take care. Do put your feet up! xo

    1. Loving The Big House! He's about the same age as me, so they played a lot of the same games I played with my cousins and brothers. Brings back memories, even though my upbringing was much more modest! :)

  2. What a present, that Jordan is born!

    I see lovely plants and funny bowls for your plants, for example the weel-barrel!

    This your life-style is so charming, simple and natural, and full of heart and ideas!

  3. Like the old woman told her new daughter-in-law...them that can milk, gets to. IOW, if you keep pulling their fat outta the fire, they'll not only let you, they'll come to expect it. stick to yer guns!

  4. The Big House is becoming a blogger's classic :-) I know the summer I read it, I was run ragged all day for a couple of weeks, and it was the perfect restorative after harried days.
    I'm glad you have your grassy, sky-filled place to come home to and you're right, it doesn't need much in the way of human creativity to make it lovely.

  5. Hello and happy summer!
    Your place looks so nice and so relaxing (although I realize how much work goes into it!)
    Hoping you have a great weekend...!
    I just love (somewhat) humid summer days in the midwest, the scents and heaviness of the air really do something good for me (not my hair though!)


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