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Friday, July 4, 2014

The 4th at my house...

I hope you're all enjoying your Fourth of July weekend. I will be heading to work later at the deli. I'm so glad I at least  have the weekend off. I am totally worn out from work. This is my eighth day in a row and yesterday was insane. Please folks, if you travel to a small, quaint town to enjoy your 4th, remember that the little staff of people in the local grocery store/deli isn't equipped to feed and wait on the entire population of a large city. I'm sorry, but we get worked to death trying to keep up. Just keep that in mind and be kind. :) (One lady asked if we were really busy! When I said yes, she said, "Oh good. You NEED that!" I wanted to smack her and say, "No, WE don't need it. The store owners do. And they don't have a clue what it's like to do this job!") Anyway, I'm tired, so please forgive this rant.

Thank the Lord for the serenity of home and little delights like finding this in my mailbox!
I will add it to my reading pile while I finish The Big House. I'm assembling quite a library of good books. I will have many pleasant hours this winter!

Gretchen posted a beautiful poem about grass, in honor of myself and Jody because we "appreciate grass". I hope you'll stop by her blog and read it!

I've been visited by a brown thrasher the last couple of days. I heard a loud "chit, chit" noise outside my window and when I went to investigate I saw "him" hopping about finding food in the long grass. I think he's a very impressive bird. I believe he lives in the woods at the edge of my pasture. I see him fly out of the trees now and then.

This article says that thrashers are exuberant singers and have a large repertoire. I heard a complicated song coming from these trees last evening. Could it be my thrasher?

I borrowed this image from the world wide web.
This link will give you some idea of how complex their song is!

My last two houseplants have been released to the wild! I am not a houseplant person, and I don't like having to repot plants as they get larger and larger. I had about nine plants from my husband's funeral last fall and one by one I got rid of them. These two will spend the summer on my deck and then will go the way of all their wild friends this winter. that hard hearted of me?  At least they had a great summer!

And now it's time to prepare for work. Lord, please help me with my attitude today and don't let my boss even think of asking me to help this weekend. Amen! :)
Have a sunshiney day filled with shalom!


  1. Gosh, I can hear the weariness in your writing and hope the pace slows a trifle. It's been my experience when most folks go on vacation, they leave their brains at home.
    I have plants from Dave's funeral and have re-potted once. The umbrella plant is 6+ feet and the rubber plant is going gang-busters...both beautiful. I do know what you mean about the plants...Dave asked people to NOT send flowers/plants and, wouldn't you know it, his company didn't listen. As usual. sigh. And they wonder why I think they're idiots.

  2. Greetings and feelings with love to you from Dori.

  3. Have read that Rumer Godden and really enjoyed it. :) Bet you will too. My, you're buying some treasures lately. Love your taste in books.

    And we have Brown Thrashers here the city, no less.


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