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Thursday, July 10, 2014

An action packed day off!

What I imagine will be a restful day off sometimes has a way of getting out of hand!

I knew I would have to make the 12 mile trip into town to copy some documents and put them in the mail. House loan stuff that can't be avoided. So, I decided to take advantage of the trip and do some other errands.

My To-Do List:

*Drop off a box of donations at the thrift store. (They support a good cause.)
*Go to the dump. (A politically incorrect term, but much easier to remember than...whatever.)
*Stop at a grocery store with a cheap printer.
*Go to Post Office and mail documents.
*Stop at McDonald's for a Sausage-Egg McMuffin. (Fortifying myself.)
*Drive to Walmart. Eat McMuffin in car.
*Buy birthday gifts for Audrey and Hazel. (Well, you can't expect Hazel to just watch Audrey open gifts!)
*Buy items for Project Christmas Child boxes. (So much fun!)
*Buy a blouse and some capri slacks. (I rarely buy clothes and everything is getting ratty.)
*Stop at the flea market on the way home and buy lots of books and children's toys.
*Get home and put stuff away.
*Mow some lawn and hoe some garden.
*Pick lettuce.
*Eat salad. Yay!

Which brings us up to date. :) NOW I'm relaxing.

And now, photos of what I brought home.

A couple of pretty dishes for my tea and crumpets...

 I don't know. I couldn't resist. I like rooster things.
 Lots of cute children's books.
 Something for my son-in-law and his dad. They do this sort of thing.
 I'm not sure if I've read this Miss Read book. The names are all so similar! The other two looked interesting. I like Jim Arnosky's art work and the Neil Postman book I had wanted to read.
 I snapped up this Tasha Tudor book in an instant! I love to study her paintings. I think I'll try copying some of her flower borders. I'm not really a romance novel reader, so if I don't finish Wild Mountain Thyme I won't be surprised. It does take place in Scotland, which is what piqued my interest!
 I found several brightly colored plastic toys for the grandgirl corner of my living room. Do any of these bring back memories?
 And here are the remains of my homegrown salad. Note the two pieces of grass at the top of my plate. Lol!
 I recently dug out two of my C.S. Lewis books to skim through. I love his letters to people. What would he think of us all snooping through them? I'm going to hug him when I get to heaven. :)
I didn't take pics of the birthday gifts or Christmas box gifts. Sorry.
So, now it's about 6:30. I'm off to do some reading and enjoying of my evening.

God bless you, every one!


  1. I'm so impressed with your to-do list! We seem to share a love of some of the same authors...Tasha Tudor, Miss Read ( I think I've read all her books) and Jim Arnosky. I used to get his books from the library and try his techniques when I still tried sketching. Now my arthritis has put that to an end. Just thought I'd leave a comment so you'd know I was here. :)

  2. Amazing thrift store finds. The books and dishes, esp. I've read the Rosamund Pilcher, a good one, and the Miss Read. Can't believe you got all that at your second hand store. Well done!

  3. I love your finds! What a great day you had!
    I hope today is good, too!

  4. Enjoy your happy good shopping! I love the plates and the chicken-bowls :)


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