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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Book sale and other life topics...

Library book sale!
I'm in the process of culling and downsizing my library, but I couldn't resist going to the sale for an hour to see if anyone had overlooked  a real treasure. Things were pretty well picked over by the time I got off work, but I did find several biographies. I started reading this one last night.

The author, Gladys Schmitt, has a very dense writing style. It is slow, but very interesting, reading, with lots of historical detail woven in. It's about 650 pages long, so I think I'll be reading it for a LONG time if it holds my interest. I managed to escape the sale with only a handful of books compared to my usual 5 or 6 bags full. Good for me!

Has anyone seen this version of Pride and Prejudice?

I think the Colin Firth version will always be my favorite, but I'm going to keep an open mind. I just recently watched the one with Keiren Knightley (sp?), and though some of the "atmospherics" were probably superior to the previously mentioned version, the acting left something to be desired. And the shortened length gave them very little time to develop characters. Very surfacey, in my opinion. (Update: Never mind, never mind! This version, in my humble awful! Yikes! I only watched the first 10 minutes or so.)
My USDA loan fell through. They suddenly realized that I live in a manufactured home and they don't refinance those! So, for the moment things are iffy. I'll be looking at the housing options in the area, but some miracle may yet intervene. My kids are going to help with the mortgage payment, perhaps as long as next spring. We'll put the house on the market with the hope of selling at a profit to give me a little nest egg. But it's in God's hands. I wouldn't die from moving, but I think the younger three kids who grew up here, and myself, would like to keep the place if at all possible. So, we're not going to give up too quickly.
Prayers for little Hazel Jane (granddaughter-see sidebar pics) who got poked in the eye this morning. The doctor gave her mommy some drops to prevent infection, but it will be quite a trick to get them into her eye!
Y'all stay cool and be at peace with God. :)

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  1. I'm sorry about Hazel's eye -- hope it heals very soon. And I'm sorry about your house worries. I hope you won't worry (I'm a worrier). Housing is such a big thing. May God provide richly and meet all your needs, dear Lisa.


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