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Friday, February 13, 2015

A restful evening...

Got home from work with weary legs and feet. So, I've been vegging out in my favorite chair with my feet up!
Anyone remember these little pizza kits? This is how we made pizza when I was a kid. I saw these at the store while I was shopping and decided to make a "childhood memory pizza" just to see what they really taste like! I'm glad I added some pepperoni and shredded cheese, because the fixings in the box make a pretty basic pizza. It turned out okay, and it was a fun little project. These went by the wayside when we discovered Shakey's Pizza! :)
I'm working on the photo album project. Remember the albums I'm making for my three kids? I have three bags full of old photos to sort through. I think I'm going to start by categorizing them according to where we lived. Then by year. Then I'll pick a few from each pile and make a collage which I can photocopy for all three albums and a copy for my "master" album. These are old photos that have been through a lot, but I just wanted to give the kids something to spark some memories. Since the early 2000's most of my pictures are on my camera or computer, so these are mostly younger pics of the kids.

I've been looking through some Pinterest photos. Mostly Ireland, but I see there are some English photos in there as well. This is a little cottage that would be fun to live in!
 And, hopefully, this room would be in that cottage. Doesn't it look like a splendid place to read or knit?
I came across this picture of the Dark Hedges a couple of times. Weirdly beautiful, don't you think? I believe they're in Northern Ireland somewhere. Mags, if you should stop by, maybe you could tell us why kind of trees these are?

 Doesn't this look cozy? I'd love to see the inside. It's in Finland.
 Hazel and her mom had an ice cream date on Wednesday night while Audrey was at AWANA. Hazel wants so badly to go to Cubbies, too! Next year she'll be old enough. But she thought ice cream was a pretty good idea! I'm going to visit her and the family tomorrow. It seems like ages since I've seen them!
This little picture reminds me of a poem I came across while going through some of the kid's homeschool papers. I had written this little poem on the inside of the cover of someone's spiral notebook.
For All Those Who Love Midwinter
Then blow, winds, blow!
And rave and shriek,
And snarl and snow,
Till your breath grows weak--
While here in my room
I'm as snugly shut
As a glad little worm
In the heart of a nut!
-From Winter Fantasy
by James Whitcomb Riley
I'm looking forward to a nice weekend of sorting photos, painting and knitting. Stay snug, little worms! :)


  1. sounds like a good weekend to me!! enjoy :)

  2. We made those Chef-Boyardee pizzas EVERY Saturday night for many years -- what a tradition! Yep, it's a very basic, boring pizza, but back then we thought is was quite yummy :) That ice cream, in spite of the chilly outside, looks mighty good. Enjoy your knitting. I like that poem. It is quite a blessing to be snug and warm inside when the cold wind blows.


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