Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Today's pursuits...

I had an early day at work so I was home by 3:00. I did a little more painting on my acrylic sunflower. I just have the flat base colors on, so far. I look forward to adding lots of layers, and hopefully ending up with a decent looking painting. :)

I got some big, fat needles and started making...something. I'm using two colors of yarn and I like the chubby, soft texture of the resulting fabric.

Oh, on the way home from work I stopped off at the library book sale! Here's my loot!

Three of these are books that I donated to the book sale a while back and found them on the shelves this time around. I decided I might want to read them after all. Someday! Why did I get TWO copies of the Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market? They're full of great articles about writing! :)

Okay. Enough computerizing! Y'all have a nice evening, shalom, and stay warm!


  1. That is quite a collection of books. I'd say you have reading material for a good while!! Love the mint green wool you're using. I wonder what it will end up being.

  2. I ordered wool on-line this week for the first time ever, and am excited and afraid in equal measure re colour! Keep rushing home to see if it has all arrived. I'm finishing work early today too- but the results won't be as productive, nor as beautiful, as your sunflower xx

  3. Your sunflower is WONDERFUL! Yay, Lisa! I love your pretty knitting, too! I should pull my knitting basket over to my spot on the sofa. I had a nap and I won't be able to sleep as well tonight. I could knit myself to sleep.
    You have such good taste in books!

  4. I like your sunflower very much. Can't wait to see what more you do with it. Knitting is so therapeutic, isn't it? Chunky yarn and chubby needles :) You've got some serious reading there! Russian! I'm impressed.


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