Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Time to check in...

Six days since my last post? Where have I been? :)

So many things to do, so little time!

Today I've been puttering around doing a variety of things. I started scrubbing on the shower before even having breakfast! Then I had breakfast, answered an email from Dad Glenn concerning tax matters (what would I do without my tax guru?), then I started designing some ATC's for a new swap. This is a practice piece of paper. I was determining whether or not watercolors would smear the printer ink. Not too bad! So, I'm going ahead with the four cards below.

The swap is called "He's Alive!" and we're making cards about the Easter story. I couldn't say no to a swap like that!
Each card has a photocopy of the Matthew 28 story of the resurrection. I'll make a cross shape out of painter's tape on each card then paint over it with watercolors. When I remove the tape there will be a white cross like in the practice example. Then I'll do some lettering, maybe in gold marker or white gel pen. I'll see what works best. I'm also in another swap where you illustrate some of your favorite verses on cards. Should be great! I've set aside my big painting for now. It seems like I don't do as much art when I go bigger. So, it's back to some ATC swaps for now. I really enjoy them if I don't put too much pressure on myself!

I'd also like to get another square finished today for Adele's baby blanket...

...and I've started reading Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray. I had heard of this author before, but my son, Josh, gave him a high recommendation, so I bought 21 of his works on my Kindle for 99 cents.
It's a gorgeous, sunny day outside. Only 15*, but that's pretty good for us right now! The wind is blowing like crazy, and swirling the snow around. Good to see the sun, but I think I'll look at it from inside!
Stay snug...
...and think springy thoughts.


  1. Lisa your work is so lovely. Oh how I wish I had a tax guru instead of allowing myself to keep my emu head in the sand!

    1. Lol! Bob always did the taxes, so now my step-dad is helping me to learn how. Hopefully I will soon get my life simplified enough that I can do them solo!

  2. Hi dearie! I have Absolute Surrender. Bill has multiple copies because he loves it so much. Andrew Murray = SMART.
    I like your little ATC cards. You're good, I say!
    Sending love your way!

    1. Oh, you're a sweetie! The cards turned out pretty well. I'll post them next time. :)

  3. You certainly do keep busy!! I like the idea of making a cross out of painter's tape and painting over. I think the grands might like to do that with Easter in mind.

  4. Looks brutally cold there! I have also always heard good things about Andrew Murray as a theologian and writer. The print on that artwork looks really good -- nice effect! Stay warm, Lisa.


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