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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

He's Alive!

That's the name of the Easter swap that I made these for...

Four similar, yet different, cards.
I'm a little bit on pins and needles. Micah sent me a FB message, which I got 10 hours later after I got home from work. She said she felt "funny" last night and today, so not to be surprised if she calls me at work and needs me to come watch the girls while she goes to have a baby!! She didn't call me at work, but did have her sister-in-law come and spend the day with her in case she needed help. It's getting closer! I would appreciate prayers that the baby (Adele) would arrive safely and that Micah would get to the hospital in a timely manner and that everything will go smoothly. :)

Hope everyone is warm and dry tonight. Take care of yourselves and much shalom to all of you!


  1. Your Easter-cards are VERY beautiful! What an excellent idea to combine the Bible-text and drawing of the cross (light) and beautiful spring-watercolors!

    Best wishes for the soon new baby and mother and congratulations for you being always such a lovely friend!

  2. Love you, Dori! Still waiting for baby! :)

  3. Hope all is going well in the birth department. Your art above is very pretty. I love the citrus colors.

  4. That's exciting! After all the months of waiting, it's wonderful for the whole family. I hope all goes well, and since you already KNOW Adele, and love her, how exciting to see her at last, and look into her eyes. Sigh :)

  5. I love your cards! Your blog is a good place to come to get inspired to craftiness.
    I wonder if your not posting today has anything to do with a baby.... May God bless and keep Micah and that little one.


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