Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Scattered thoughts...

Just a few quick thoughts before my bedtime bowl of spumoni! :)

My painting is not progressing very quickly, but that's okay. I'm enjoying making small, spontaneous additions to it. I'm working on the seedy middle of the flower. Then I'll add some detail to the petals. Lastly the sky will be messed with. I painted this canvas blue a long time ago, thinking I would paint something colorful for the grandgirls' bedroom, but never got around to it. So, the blue of the sky is brighter than I would like. I'm thinking of something Van Gogh-ish. I will have fun trying things!

Since I worked today daughter Micah didn't have a babysitter for her week 34 baby checkup. So, she packed a lot of snacks and improvised the best she could. Audrey and Hazel behaved themselves admirably, though Audrey did ask a few too many questions about the goings on. :)

It was -25* this morning. Thank goodness everyone's cars started! Micah and Adam's outdoor woodstove went out during the night, so it was 58* in their house early this morning. Adam got it started again but Micah ran to Walmart to buy a heater to speed up the reheating process. I invited them to come stay at my place, but they toughed it out. That's life in the north!

I'm thinking of eliminating gluten from my diet. Is anyone else doing this? I saw something on Facebook listing ten symptoms of gluten intolerance. I had most of them! Any tips would be appreciated. I'm looking for a good list of practical foods that are gluten free. I will replace my wheat bread with Ezekiel bread, which I've developed a taste for. Unprocessed, whole foods seem to be the way to go.

And now, in the interest of better emotional health...spumoni! :D

Have a good night! Tomorrow I'll catch up on the latest episode of Downton Abbey!



  1. I love watching Downton Abbey on I can't stay up late enough on Sunday to catch it then.
    Wow! It IS so freezing there. Maybe you could put a scoop of your ice cream in a hot mug of cocoa!

  2. I love spumoni - and Ezekiel bread too! But the latter is not a gluten-free food. It's still better than a lot of grain products, tho'...

  3. Oooo -- Downton Abbey always makes me feel better, haha :) I'm not gluten free, and don't think I need to be, but I do have several friends who've gone that route, and some of them have seen a marked improvement that they feel is attributable to the absence of gluten. Some feel it's just too difficult to eliminate so much from their diets. Maybe it will help you, though! I think you can't know until you try. Most say to eliminate things carefully, methodically, and keep track of food and symptoms, so you can be certain of cause-and-effect.


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