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Thursday, May 28, 2015

A lazy day off...

It's a perfect summer day here. Partly cloudy, the sun peeking out and then hiding briefly, the wind wooshing through the treetops, a crow cawing in the distance. I've been mostly reading, drawing and painting.

My latest ATC swap is called Medieval Animals. That means any kind of animal as long as there is a medieval object of some sort in the picture. Here are my first two attempts:

The host of the swap admitted that she was no expert on history (nor am I), so if either of these don't qualify as medieval remember, it's all in fun. ;)

 I bought ingredients to make tostados yesterday, so I may just go build one of those. I had planned to have one last night, but dear daughter Micah bought me a cheeseburger after I helped her out with the girls. She was parked next to my car when I came out of work and she asked if I would sit in the van with the girls while she did a couple of quick errands. I do that now and then so she doesn't have to unload all three of them just to run in and do something, especially if she has several stops. I was glad to do it and got supper as well! At one point Audrey (3 yrs. old) had to go to the bathroom. After she and Mom returned we were pulling out of the parking spot when we heard a tremulous little voice from the back seat of the van saying, "But I'm not buckled iiiiin!" I'm so glad Audrey made us aware! Micah is known as The Car Seat Lady amongst her friends because she's a trained baby car seat technician (certified and everything) and so she doesn't slip up often. Thanks for the heads up, Audrey!

Some of you who did the Wind in the Willow Tour might remember my ancient swamp willows. They now belong to someone else, but I can still look at them. I just noticed yesterday that this poor little leaning over tree is sprouting a brand new swamp willow from its base. Is that cool or what? I hope the new owners will leave it there to grow.
 And this is the view from my chair. The wind keeps blasting through the window and scattering papers on the floor, but I don't care. I love the wind!

Well, I'm trying not to spend the entire day on the computer. We'll see how that goes!

Have a glorious day, stay cool, and shalom!


  1. Nice Art Lisa. Great Grandchild you have to tell you not buckled up.. Was looking at your picture further down.
    When you sang. Beautiful.
    You looked pretty dolly looking with your hair and make up. Would of never thought it was you to now.

    As now you don't wear your hair curled I guess and no make up now.
    Sure can change a persons appearance. ha-ha.

    Are you lie closed Brethren. Long hair, no make up.
    My parents were.
    My sister and I left the church and my two brothers.

    1. Nope, Carolann. Just an old hippy who never like makeup much and who doesn't like to bother with her hair. And I'm a regular old garden variety believer in Jesus as my Lord and Savior. My singing buddies overdid my makeup and hair for this "promotional" photo back in the '80's. I was 30 then and am 58 now, so I'm guessing most people would look a little different. ;)

  2. I remember those days of errands and it would have been so nice to have a car babysitter! Yay for the willows, so blowy and pretty!

    1. Yeah. I love those willows no matter how broken down they get, lol!

  3. We're enjoying lovely hot summer weather too. I was too lazy to go hang some laundry on the line so I just set out my wooden clothes horse in the sunshine and things dried in no time. Mind you, if we had had wind they would have blown over to the neighbours!!

  4. Hallo, Lisa, I like your two new drawings, the amazing willows and the table with paper, books and colours. Meditation and little fairy tales are combined in your peaceful blessed way of life.

  5. Yes. I do love to contemplate. A good fairy tale can remind us of heavenly things, I think. :)

  6. I'm feeling that antsy need to get off the computer too, Lisa. Been on here a couple of hours since I woke :) I love the idea of the old, nearly-dead willow log sending up new life. Turning a new page. We are all at a point of transition, aren't we? It's good to know that in change God is always making something new, something very alive -- growing, not dying. Your mention of the willow reminds me that I need to go check out Pom's blog and the link to Badger. He's traveling again!


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