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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hey! I think this is the first day that I've heard crickets! I was thinking a few days ago that it must still be too cold for them to be hatching out. Now they are chirping outside my window. :) I love to listen to them as I go to sleep, but it's still too cool at night to leave my window open. Oh well, all in good time.

I've just begun reading The Lessons of St. Francis by John Michael Talbot. It's been sitting on my coffee table for a long time, but I keep picking up something  else to read. I think I'll stick with it this time. I love bios, and I think this will be interesting.
Quite a day at work. The guys doing road repairs just outside the store said they would have to shut off our water for a few hours. Running a deli without running water is not really possible. We have a guy who comes and inspects the store periodically to let us know where we need to improve as far as cleanliness and meeting Health Dept. standards. He just happened to come today. He said if the health inspector had dropped in today he would have shut us down. If the water is off for more than four hours we're supposed to close the deli down. Well, yeah! There was lots of lecturing about how we could all lose our jobs if we didn't improve in certain areas. Somehow this doesn't scare me. I'm just looking for a sign from God that it's time to move on! ;) But I'll hang on for the present. I wouldn't want to do anything irresponsible. Anyway, I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and that helps!

After work I did a little lawn mowing. Yesterday I began the mowing and I plan to do a little each day until it's all done. I can finish up on the weekend and hopefully won't have to just start all over again immediately.

I think I'll check in on Jordan's Wednesday night church service at Open Door Church online. Talk to you all later!


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  1. The deli is hard, isn't it? They are blessed to have you. Crickets already? Wow!


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