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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The summer rollercoaster continues...

I was just reading over my last couple of posts. I mentioned two new gals who had started at the deli. Well, they've both quit already! We're down to 11 people to cover 14 hours/day, 7 days/wk. It doesn't work very well. Most of us who are left are the core people who have been there 11+ years. It's been so stressful trying to do the work of 18 or more people, but the good days are the ones where we just relax, do what we can, and say to heck with what we can't get done. If the deli loses money...well, we did our best. Not gonna kill ourselves. We are trying, but we can't do the impossible. You have to just let some things go. It's not our fault. Etc, etc.

I've found a couple of possibilities for future  jobs. Although I've considered quitting my job, I really have a problem with making things harder for my old work-mates. So, I suspect I'll hang in there for the next year and a half or so. But just knowing that there are a couple of jobs I'd be interested in  doing helps me to keep on keeping on. One is the little mom and pop grocery store here in Nevis. I think I would  enjoy learning how to do a little of everything there. They seem to have quite a bit of turn over, so there will probably be openings when I'm ready to do something new. (Fix coffee, stock shelves, fish minnows out of a tank...lots of great stuff!)

Well, enough on that subject! What am I reading? Right now I'm deeply involved in following the life of Annie Dodds in this book...

This lady is a lot more hard core off-grid than I would appreciate, but it's very interesting to see how she survives. Every so often I like to read a book like this. Usually I read about people in the Alaskan bush. This lady is just north of my parents in the Huntsville, TX area. She has a lot of grit!

My break room book is White Goats and Black Bees by Donald Grant. I'm reading this for about the third time. The subtitle tells you what it's about. It's another story of carving out a life in a wild place.

Having no building skills to speak of I like to live vicariously by reading books like these. :)

Tomorrow night I'll be going over to Micah and Adam's place for a Mother's Day pizza party. They were going to take me out to dinner on Sunday but I, being antisocial, asked if they would mind just having a family get together with pizza later in the week. Sorry, but I don't fancy the crowded restaurant scene! Besides, Audrey and Hazel can just eat pizza and run around instead of being harnessed into chairs for a couple of hours. Much more humane. ;)

Well, adios for now. I think I'm going to go visit a few of you and then maybe read a bit before turning in early.

God bless and shalom, friends!


  1. You sound good. Pacing yourself at work is very wise. Helps everything else. :)

  2. I certainly can agree about eating out in crowded restaurants. Especially on Mothers Day they get crazy busy!! I'd much rather eat at home. Too bad about the two new girls quitting. The work must be overwhelming ( or they didn't need a job that badly).

  3. I like the sound of working at the Mom & Pop grocery store, better than the stressed out working conditions of the deli. May doors open up at the right time for you.

    Annie Dodd's book sounds very inspirational. I'm going to see if the library has it.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Sounds like you and your co-workers are handling the stress pretty well. Hang in there!!

  5. You are good to hang in there for the sake of your co-workers. Enjoy that pizza party (and the grands).


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