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Monday, May 18, 2015

ATC update and throwback...Monday?

My latest ATC swap is called "State" Your Landmark. The idea is to include art about something you feel symbolizes your state. It doesn't have to be a "landmark" per se. Just something representative of your state.

Here is my town's claim to fame... ;)

Can't get enough of our state bird!
A cute vintage map. (I was looking for something quick to do for my fourth card!)
And now...drum roll...MY LEAST FAVORITE! (Shoulda used a finer tipped pen for one thing.)

The Paul Bunyan above is about 30 miles from us in Bemidji. We have a much better one (below) just five miles down the road. He will be starring in my Sketchbook Project book.
I also got candid shots of two of my backwoodsy neighbors.
! ! ! ! !
Somewhere I mentioned having sung with a trio many years ago. We called ourselves Grace Trio and we sang mostly at church, but did sing a few other places such as this Bible camp. Is this the '80's or what? (I'm on the right.)
I'm having a relaxing evening leading up to my mid-week day off. I just enjoyed watching "Mr. Holland's Opus". Thanks, Glenn! It was quite a trip down memory lane and a good movie to boot!
Our weather has been pretty funky today. A high of 39* and big sloppy snowflakes falling as I drove home from work. I think it will be more spring-like for the rest of the week. And hopefully it will continue that trend!
Have an awesome week! Shalom everyone!

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  1. 39º on May 18th? Really? Goodness! That's mighty cold. I enjoy seeing the ATCs you do, Lisa. They seem so quick and fun. I really like the baby bird on the mama's back :) And some folks out there would probably like your Paul Bunyan best, y'know? It's good that humanity has such varied tastes. Look at all that 80s hair!! It's pretty, and that photo of you is very pretty. We were young once, weren't we? :)


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