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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I cannot tell a lie...

I hijacked these lilacs from my old lilac bush next door, which no longer belongs to me. I figure nobody lives there to enjoy them, so I would borrow a few. (Everyone in town borrowed them when the bush belonged to us!)  Anyway, I put them in the window so the breeze could waft the fragrance around the house. The lilacs are late blooming around here!

I finished the ATC's for the In a Bottle or Jar swap. I showed the owl one a while back, but I'll put them all here just for the record.

No, I didn't draw the Jabberwocky. I cheated with a little collage. Well, it's not cheating, really. Collage is acceptable in most swaps. Anyway! :)

I took a huge leap of faith today. I put in my application for a job at the library! I've always wanted to work there, but jobs don't become available very often. I figure if I get the job I'll still have to work at the deli two days a week, but it would be so much better than working there ALL the time. And in the fall of 2016 I could drop the deli job for good. My boss wasn't thrilled, but she seemed to accept the possibility of my moving on. And I won't be totally gone, IF this goes well. I've put it in God's hands since He's the only one who knows what's down the road. But it's nice to feel like there are new possibilities!

Time to dig up some supper. Blessings and shalom to all of my friends and family out there!


  1. How fun it would be to work at the library! Praying it happens, friend! I love your love lilacs! Wow! Great ATC's as well!😊

  2. The lilac in the blue jar look wonderful, and your drawings amaze me. You're so gifted. :)

  3. I've always thought it would be fun to work at the library. I hope it works out for you! Great arts.

  4. Too bad lilac season is so short; ours were done over a month ago! Love their scent! Oh I hope you get to work at the library. That would be such a change from the deli, that's for sure.

  5. Good for you, Lisa! I've also always longed to work in a library. I like the idea of working in a quiet place surrounded by books, with lots of shelving to do. I worked once in a college library in the bookstacks when I was about 23, but it was too boring for a young person. I hope you get it!!! That deli work sounds like it's tiring and hard on the legs.

    I love those ATCs!! I really like the last two, with the castle and the starfish. Very, very nice. They look like somebody's dreams.

  6. I read already that you didn't get that library job, but I hope something else comes up that will be a nice change for you.

    And I think those lilacs are probably very happy to have come into your house where they can be appreciated.


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