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Saturday, May 23, 2015


It's getting dark out and I've been watching two foxes trotting around in my back pasture. Too dark for a photo. As I type this there is another fox south of the house on the hiking trail. It's making that unique fox sound known as The Vixen Scream. Listen to an example on this video. I haven't heard any foxes around for a year or so, so this is something special!

I've been watching a lot of a BBC show called Escape to the Country. It's the UK's version of House Hunters. I'm enjoying it immensely because this is what I wait to see on House Hunters International, only that show is usually on too late at night. Maybe you'll get hooked like me?

It's been a lovely, peaceful Saturday. I'm so glad I have Memorial Day weekend off. Yesterday I worked a 10 hour day because someone called in sick, so I was pretty exhausted. I slept in this morning, which is unusual for me. I had to MAKE myself stay in bed until I fell asleep again. Otherwise, I would have been up at 5 a.m. Force of habit.

I finished up my lawn mowing because rain is possible tomorrow. I also finished up some ATC's. Mostly I just rested and drank tea...and snacked a lot. It's that time  of night when the sky is deep blue and the trees are black silhouettes against the horizon. The birds are twittering as they settle in for the night. It's pretty peaceful except for some cars roaring in the distance. These tourists can be noisy! I've seen lots of walkers out and about and can hear bikers talking as they ride by on the trail. I'm thankful to be home rather than in town. :)

I hope you're all having a splendid weekend! God bless all and shalom!


  1. You sound so restful, and definitely need it. :)

  2. We have foxes, too. They are so pretty! You should sketch a fox, Lisa! I'm so happy that you have two days off!

  3. I have rarely seen a fox in my life but we do see coyotes! They look rather mangey I'm afraid. Enjoy your long weekend.

  4. These fox-voices are adventurous - foxes look really nice - foxes need the understanding by humans! Amazing feeling around your house near you, quiet, calm and sensitive Lisa, feeling love for all creatures and nature.

  5. We have a family of foxes living in a culvert just down the street from us. The other morning Adam heard an adult fox making that strange call, warning danger about a large dog on a porch. He videoed it on his phone. Our dogs were quite interested in the fox's call.
    I watched that whole episode about the house hunting. Loved it! I should look up those shows on TV. I HATE shopping for houses myself, but it's fun to watch somebody else do it.


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