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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Facebook woes...

For any of you who are Facebook!

I can't believe how impossible it is to find a contact person at Facebook to help with an account that's gone awry. I got an alert saying someone had logged onto my account with a browser that they didn't recognize. I had just had my internet hooked up at the new apartment, but my computer and browser are the same ones I've always used. And Facebook did work at first.

I've tried the "help" link and the "support box" link. Nothing works. They may let me type in a comment, but the send button doesn't work.

Since the alert, I can see posts on my wall, but there are no "like", "comment" or "share" buttons and my private messages don't work. It's like I'm looking into someone's living room window, watching their lives, but I can't communicate with them! I even tried making a new account. It lets you fill out the blanks, but when I hit send it just stares at me. I'm getting angry at a stupid website!

Mainly, I'm very frustrated because I can't reply to my kids. Facebook has always been a place where I can quickly "like" one of my children's comments, and they know I'm thinking of them. Now, that point of contact isn't there and I hate that.

Yes, I could call or text them, but texting is very slow and laborious for me, and I don't like to be calling when they may be at work or busy. So, that means only very occasional communication.

I realize we could all live without Facebook, but when your kids are 1,000 miles away and you live alone the silence can be deafening, and this becomes an important way of keeping in touch with everyone's everyday lives.

Any ideas?


  1. Well, there's no way I'll be of any help. I am so technologically challenged that it's amazing I can even blog. I hope someone can help you out and soon.

  2. Lisa, I'll ask around my techno facebook friends, as unfortunately I remain pathetically troglodyte! I do agree with the positive power of facebook. I love its free and easy communication channels very much. I do hope you find speedy resolution x

  3. Lisa, I am in the same novice boat with you when it comes to finding help for internet ills. I have a friend who had FB close her account. She thought. No one could leave messages, etc. So she opened up another account. Now I can see that I am her friend on 2 different accounts. If I find the answer I will leave another comment. (Don't hold your breath!)

  4. Lisa, Go to the second suggestion on this link. It concerns accounts that have been deactivated. It wouldn't hurt to read the suggestion #1 but I think #2 might help you.

  5. OOPS....


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