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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Heading eastward to Nevis proper...

Yes, I signed the lease on my little apartment in Nevis. Kind of like ripping a Band-Aid off. Such a sudden change after 26 years on our little farm. I'm still in kind of a stupor over it. I just went over and spent an hour or so planning where things will fit. I measured every piece of furniture I own so I could be sure it would fit somewhere. Still, there are things I'll have to get rid of.

Anyway, my internet will be uncertain for a while. I'll check in here in the next week or so, until I have to make that final break. It's hard, but I know there wasn't really any option, so you just keep on trucking. The Lord is with me wherever I live; I just need to keep my eyes on Him. My kids are what made this place a home, and I'm taking them with me in my heart.

I'd appreciate prayers as I make decisions, take care of all the little things involved in notifying all the right people of my new address, etc.

My daughter, Micah, and her husband, Adam, are in the process of taking out a building loan and will hopefully have their home finished in a year when my lease is up. At that time I look forward to moving in with them. Back to the country! They're only 3 or 4 miles away, so I'll probably spend more time at their house anyway.

Thanks for listening to me prattle on. :) I hope to be able to stay in touch via the library wifi, but I won't be here as often as I'd like. Hopefully it will work out to get internet at the apartment at some point. Gotta check into that.

Here's a view of my second floor balcony. It will be much cheerier on a sunny day or when the trees green up in the spring.
Thanks for looking in on me! Shalom!


  1. Yay Lisa! I hope the transition is bright and fun.

  2. O Lisa! This is a big change! I will miss you by blogging, but I hope, that we soon will be connected as always! You are right: God is with you everywhere. He is leading you to the best place, and his decisions are blessing blessing blessing!

    And now I wish you the best for your changing to your new home and new happiness!

    Your Dori

  3. I'm quite surprised by how quickly things have changed. Big changes that can be unsettling. I'm so glad you have your new home with your daughter and her family to look forward to. Hopefully the year in your apartment will be a pleasant one. I'm praying that you will have peace and also energy. I'll miss your blog posts but as you say, from time to time you'll find a way to keep us up-to-date on your everyday life.

  4. God speed and didn't realize you were moving. Lisa, I wish you well in all endeavors. Are you planning an ohana or in-law suite? That would be lovely!

    1. My kids plan to get a building loan soon and have a house built within a year. It will have a granny suite. Looking forward to it! But I think I'll enjoy the apartment for the time being. It helps knowing that it's only temporary! ;)

    2. This is wonderful! So many lovers around you, you are giving love to them all!

  5. Oh, my, it's happening! You have a lot to look forward to...after the initial huge disruption I hope your year in an apartment will be like a vacation and an adventure. May you make new discoveries every day!

  6. Oh, goodness, Lisa! This is what I get for falling behind in my blog reading! I come back, and you have MOVED. You've been talking about it, but when you decide to go, you go, girl! I'm proud of you. As you say, the read love and attachment is in the heart, in the memories, in the children and grands who are here. I'm glad you'll be close to them. And it seems this is a temporary move anyway, right? May God give you lots of His peace and comfort as you deal with all the changes.


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