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Monday, February 22, 2016

Those decorations I promised...

I took my trusty camera downstairs to take some shots of the entry of the apartment building. These are just a few of the decorations!

This is what I see as I step off the elevator. I see she's begun decorating for Easter. The little bench seat is full of bunny characters. (click on photos to enlarge)

Just to the right as you exit the elevator is this little vignette. The Bible is opened to the Easter story, and she's put a little cross there with a shroud and a crown of thorns. There's a die (for casting lots) and a stone at the foot of the cross. I like this lady!

 On the window to  the left of the Bible is this little collection. Yes, we're mixing bunnies and Jesus, but I know her heart is in the right place, lol.
 Here's where we get a big dose of patriotic red, white and blue!
 And you can leave your old eyeglasses in the box for the Lions Club. :) If you continue down the stairs, around the corner and down more stairs, the decorations continue. I think it's pretty cute.
 One of our assignments this week for Sketchbook Skool was to have a tiny adventure by sketching and exploring things in our environment. This was my first sketch. I'm pretty much finished with the course, but I hope I'll continue sketching my new surroundings.
 That box from Josh arrived on Friday. It contained tons of clothes for Micah's little girls. Literally, the box weighed about 45 pounds and it was huge. In the midst of the clothing were my house warming gifts. Josh said he knew I liked hippy things and Israeli things, so this banner is a combination! I love it! I'll need a dowel to hang it on that empty wall above my recliner. The little yellow praying angel is made of soapstone and carved by someone in Kenya. They bought both items at a fair trade shop where they like to shop in support of artisans in Africa. Josh said the angel is to remind me that they are praying for me. That's so nice to know!
 I don't remember if I posted this before. I made this for a pen and ink swap, but ended up giving it to someone. I think I'll make another like it. This is based on a Van Gogh painting. I'll post that below.
Well, I'm off to eat some tacos and watch Downton Abbey. Plum forgot about it yesterday!

You all have a wonderful day!



  1. Aw! The apartment lady is having fun making the place look lived in!
    I like your housewarming gifts!
    Downton Abbey was SO good, right?

  2. Your landlady has everything neat and tidy as well as decorated. Looks good to me.
    Your son is such a sweetie to send all that 'stuff'.
    I hope your new place is starting to feel like home.

  3. How sweet that the new apartment is so close to the old homestead! Judging from her attention to detail, I'd guess that your landlady takes care of the place very well, and I imagine you feeling very cozy and peaceful. Your new banner is perfect.

    The links to Josh's old and new blogs don't work for me -- are they both extinct now?

    I admire your journal notebook so much. I am trying to take more time to write in my journal and not just scribble in such an uncivilized hurry.

    1. Hmmm...the one for the old blog works for me, but not the new one. I'll check it out. Thanks! :)

  4. thanks for the tour of your new apartment! looks just right!

    i signed up for sketchbook skool, too, but got behind. now i can't seem to find the time to catch up! sigh

    this week's downton abbey was a shocker!! you will love it!

  5. I like your apartment building. Your manager lady is doing a beautiful job of decorating -- love of God, country, people.

    I like your interp of Van Gogh.

  6. Thanks for your comment about leaving messages on blogs- I am such a newbie! You are quite the artist! I LOVE your sketchbook and ink piece! Hope to see much more!

  7. What a wonderful landlady! She's put so much time and effort into making that a warm, receptive place, and beautiful too. LOVE the Bible there and the reminders of Easter. I hope you love your new home!


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