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Friday, February 19, 2016

The Big Reveal!

Thanks, ladies, for all your kind and encouraging comments! Yes, this move did take place very quickly! My head was spinning and my body aching for a couple of days afterwards, but I think I'm getting my bearings. ;)

If anyone was under the impression that I moved all by myself...NOOOO! Ha ha. It would never happen. My son-in-law, Adam, and his dad, Doug, are the heroes of this scenario. They lugged my furniture and 30 or so boxes of belongings out of my house and up to my 2nd floor apartment. Thank the Lord for an elevator! I did have to carry over a few boxes of books the next day because I ran out of boxes so I had to empty a few before I could load them up. Anyway!

I just got my internet hooked up about two hours ago and I've been catching up on Facebook. Next on the agenda is to check in on my online art class which is getting ahead of me. But for now I wanted to give you a look around. Like MK, I've down-sized, but instead of moving from town to country I did it the other way around. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I hope to make the transition back to country living in a year or so. :) Meanwhile, I'll see what adventures await! And now...the tour.

This is the only picture I saved of the mess, lol.
 Here I'm standing in the kitchenette, looking into the living room. All of my family photos are displayed on the desk bookshelf. (Thanks for making that desk, Glenn! It's seen a lot of wear and tear. I love it!) I managed to fit all of my favorite furnishings in.
 There's the couch which you can just see in the previous picture, and a peek into the bedroom door.
 Aaaand, here's the bedroom.
 And just to the right of the bedroom...
 This is the wall I see as I walk out of my bedroom. My duck collection...You see the entryway with the slanty topped desk, and a bit of the kitchen here.
 The famous kitchen...ette.
 The front hall seemed like wasted space, but it's a wonderful place to put the grandgirls' toys and art supplies. The little striped things in the toy box are cushions. You'll notice the absence of a dining room table. I never use one and it would really make things cramped. So, my plan is for the girls to do their painting and coloring on the living room coffee table, and these cushions are for them to kneel on. The linoleum floor is pretty hard. I decorated this space with some pretty artwork that Pom sent me ages ago. I knew it would finally find its way into public view! Thanks, Pom!
 Going around the corner into the front hall. A little bookcase with the girls' books, and an old trunk covered with a quilt and a doll pillow my mommy made for me many years ago. Love you, Mom! I'd like to get a big bean bag for the girls to sit on. And I plan to have the grandkids make some paintings to fill up the walls in this little play area.
 Here's the pillow doll on the trunk and two of the pieces of artwork from Pom Pom. :)
 I made a little door decoration with odds and ends from the craft section at Ben Franklin's
 Looking to the left from my front door.
 To the right of that is the elevator and to my immediate right is the door to my neighbor's apartment.
 The stairs, in case I'm feeling like getting some exercise. My manager lady, Rose, has lived here for many years. She loves paintings and plaques, and make some herself. I'll take pics of the downstairs entry sometime so you can see the tons of patriotic decorations she's put on the walls. It's a little gaudy, but I much prefer it to blank white walls. Some of the decorations are quite retro, though they weren't when she put them up. She and her husband owned the building for a long time, but they sold it before he passed away a little over a year ago. She was kept on as the manager.
 Some more of the Pom provided artwork. The girls will love this area!

 I managed to squeeze in another bookshelf next to my recliner, which was also Bob's favorite recliner. :) I'll be painting that bookshelf when outside temps allow the opening up of the sliding doors for ventilation. The wall behind the recliner is void of decoration, but son Josh mentioned that he's sending, "something to decorate a wall and something to set on a shelf", so I'm very curious to see what that might be.
 The view out my window. Still wintery and grey, but spring will come!
 That's the back of the town's newspaper building. I look forward to having some pots of flowers and maybe a few veggies on my balcony.

Well, all of this has reminded me that I have a few errands to run, such as checking at the post office, running over to the old house to finish things up and maybe a trip to daughter Micah's. Josh's box was also going to include some baby clothes for her.

I'm looking forward to an evening of art class and watching last Sunday's episode of Downton Abbey!

Thanks for stopping in. Sorry if this was really long! I look forward to checking up on blogs. It seems like forever since I moved, and yet I'm still feeling some culture shock. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes! Love you folks!



  1. I printed some Phoebe Wahl for my kitchen. I'm glad you found computer printed stuff worthy of framing! Me, too!

    You place looks great! Now rest!

  2. Thanks for the tour of your new home. It seems to be compact and have everything needed. You've added your books and pictures and hopefully soon it will actually feel like home.

  3. I have never heard of Phoebe Wahl but I just googled her and saw some of her many colourful pictures. One that caught my eye was of a naked lady with a tiny baby hanging in a nutshell (?) with a hedgehog bringing a gift. If I could find that print I'd buy it!

  4. Lisa, Wishing you and your family the best in your new home. I know that will take a bit of adjusting. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

  5. Hallo, Lisa, this is great, that you show us your new home! Beautiful rooms and atmosphere! Soon it will be an Original Lisa environment! Prayers and blessings! Pom Pom is right.: now rest and let the angels come in, and slowly your culture-shock will be away and you will fill every corner with your personal Lisa-hand. Brave Lisa: You will be the victim!

  6. wow...i've been "unplugged" for a bit myself and was surprised to check in and see that you had moved! it looks like a beautiful, cozy apartment! sounds like you are all settled in. Enjoy...

  7. Lisa! I've been away from your blog for a little while and didn't know you moved. Well, your little place looks so homey and cozy and perfect for you. When you mentioned that you didn't want a dining table, I thought of my mom. She and her husband lived in an apartment for years and they ALWAYS ate at the coffee table. My mom had MS so she wasn't good at sitting in chairs and preferred the floor. Besides, I think of the Japanese who dine on the floor on cushions. I even watched a video of Japanese women who were embroidering on their knees, bums on their heels/legs. I tried it and it's easy on the back. So there!

    I'm happy you've found a good place to cozy up and live. I wish you much happiness there.

  8. Lisa, well done and happynew home. It loks a perfect haven xx

  9. An Elevator! How very nice. the stairs will give exercise but it's nice to have the elevator when you have to carry groceries.


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