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Monday, February 1, 2016

A portrait of Audrey...

For our last assignment this week for Sketchbook Skool we had to draw a "character" from a photo and make up a caption. I chose a photo of Audrey taken when she was three. Micah was taking Audrey's official three year old pictures when Audrey cupped her hand behind her ear and whispered, "Listen! I hear a giggling bear!" What did she really hear? A loon. Good description, Audrey!

My skills at painting people are greatly lacking. I'll attach the photo as well, so you can see how beautiful Audrey really is. :)

I've spent lots of time today filling out apartment rental applications. I'll get those in the mail tomorrow and it's in God's hands then. I'm praying for a place on the second floor with at least one big window to let in lots of sunlight. The apartments I'm applying for are on the outskirts of town with more trees around them. I'd appreciate your prayers for my little sojourn into town living. I plan to get back out to the country eventually. (This "town" is only 2,000 people. So, that's probably country living to a lot of you, lol.)

I just ordered Apprenticeship with Jesus. Thanks for the idea, Pom! It looks good!

I'm off to watch "The Giver".  Have a blessed and wonderful week!

Shalom, dear people.


  1. You did a nice job with Audrey! How cute!
    Did I miss something? Did you sell your house/property?

  2. I'm glad you ordered the book! We can talk about it!

  3. Audrey is so cute and I think you did a good job of painting her. I'm hoping you find the apartment you want for the interim ( have you had any serious offers??)

  4. Audrey's portrait is so sweet. She is really darling!


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