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Sunday, January 31, 2016

An infographic?

Apparently, some folks are familiar with this word. I wasn't sure if I had the grasp of the concept when we were assigned to design a personal infographic. It seems to mean a group of pictures with text that gives some information about our lives. The results were very different for each person. This was my attempt, though I thought it rather dry compared to what some folks came up with. However...we are encouraged not to compare ourselves with others, so...
 My granddaughter, Starry, has one of those birthdays that sneak up on you. You turn to the new month on your calendar and THERE SHE IS! February 3rd! I have to get a card and send it right away! Hey, wait a minute. I have blank watercolor cards and envelopes. Why don't I just make one? So, I did... Got it in the mail, too! Yay, Grandma!
 I enclosed some birthday money and a page of glittery butterfly stickers for her to put on the walls at home, lol.
 I used my new Kuretake Gansai Tambi paints for the first time. I like them a lot! It's fun to have so many color choices without having to mix anything! (I'm lazy and usually don't end up with the color I want.)
 These are for the Hand-drawn Sunflowers swap. Three of them were from a larger painting that I cut into pieces. Sly, eh?
 Movie night! I'm off tomorrow, too, so I had to get two, right? I love both of these movies enough to watch them a second time. :)
Wanna hear something weird? I had my groceries bagged in a paper bag yesterday. I usually have plastic bags, but I thought, "Hey, I could use that paper to do art on!" Freaky! ;) And I'm helping the planet. Yup.
Some of you may remember that I've been putting photo albums together for my kids. I finally mailed them off. No, I haven't gotten through all of my pictures, but I had filled the binders! I'll send them more pics as I sort through them. My son, Jordan, PM'd me through Facebook to let me know he had gotten his album, and he thinks it's awesome! His favorite photo he calls "Jord and Corn". Isn't he adorable? (He'll really appreciate me sharing this with the world. Naw. He's got a great sense of humor.)
Jordan then...
...and now. (There's no hair under that cap.)
As long as I'm running down rabbit trails, here's something that really surprised and amazed me. You've seen quite a few pictures here of our old log house next door. We've always felt apologetic when family came to visit. My daughter-in-law from Maryland posted a picture of her childhood home a little while back, and I was so tickled to see that she lived in a very modest log home as a child! Never knew that! (She's from either VA or West VA.)
We're all more alike than we know...sometimes. ;)
Thanks for dropping in! I'm off to do more art and maybe other things as well. I'm so grateful for rest days!

Shalom, my friends!


  1. Your Japanese water colours are so lovely. You'll no doubt have lots of fun with them.

    I want to reread The Giver before I see the movie. I hope it is as good as the book. You'll have to let us know.

  2. I love the log house! You have given your kids a sweet gift. Photos are so precious.
    Good drawing, artist!


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