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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Idle pleasures...

Michael Nobbs, of the Sustainably Creative website, was talking about the finer points of "loafing". He suggested that an occasional day of loafing is a good thing to energize our creative engines. Some things he includes in his list of necessities for optimal loafing are snacks, lots of tea, a small project to work on, a notebook for writing down ideas, a game, and a good book. I thought the book he suggested was interesting. The table of contents was kind of cute. (Click on the image to go to Amazon. Then click on the "Look Inside"link.)
One of the topics in the Table of Contents was "messing about in boats", which sounded like a quote from Wind in the Willows. It wasn't included in the preview material, so I'm not sure if that's what it was about. :)

After starting out at -22* this morning, I'm glad to be back home and warm. Thanks for stopping by, and everyone enjoy the small (idle?) pleasures of winter.



  1. I wish I could mess about in boats today!
    Stay warm, friend. That's TOO cold!

  2. Good idea to fill good silent new energy into our body and mind!

    So cold! Here it's muddy and wet, and we wait for snow. Maybe it will come next days, but minus 22 degrees are really VERY hard!


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