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Monday, January 11, 2016

Every Day Matters #10 and 11...

It's been a full day off!

Daughter Micah's mini-van was making a lot of racket going down the road. I suggested (nagged?) that she should get it into the shop ASAP because it sounded like something was very wrong. They planned to get it in in the next couple of weeks when they had funds. Knowing she has a lot of long trips in the near future I insisted on paying for it (they will pay me back) so it would get done right away. She was going to take it this morning while I babysat, but she came down with the flu. So badly that hubby Adam stayed home to take care of the girls. I drove the van into town to the shop for her and had a nice couple of hours to read while I waited. :) As it turns out the left front wheel bearings were going out. The mechanic said the wheel was about to leave the vehicle!! I'm not sure if that is literally what would happen, but I'm sure glad it got fixed!

My reading for those couple of hours was The Creative License by Danny Gregory. Really good and inspirational stuff to get one drawing. I'm not much for public sketching, so I waited until I got home to do these two sketches for the Every Day Matters Challenge.

 I rather like this hand drawing. I spent quite a bit of time on it.
 The glasses...meh. I think I used up all my oomph on the hand sketch, lol.
I used this photo for the glasses sketch, since I can't see to sketch if I take my glasses off! I think I'll read some more of that book. It's good! It's giving me some great ideas for future sketches.

Otherwise, I took a nice nap, had a nice supper, and watched Downton Abbey...twice! I also watched yesterday's church service from my online church. I was home from the auto repair shop by 11, so I had lots of day left. I had even packed a lunch in case I was there all day. I was determined to stay until that car was fixed. Can't have all my precious girls driving in an unsafe vehicle, can I? (What a pushy mom/grandma!)

I pray for a hedge of protection around all of my family members, every day. I really praised God for His protection of Micah and her family, and the double blessing that the repairs weren't very expensive. That's provision!

Thanks for dropping by and listening to me ramble on. :) Everyone stay warm! (Pom, I hope you find a nice heater!)

Shalom, friends and family!


  1. The hand sketch is superb!! ( It's obvious you do not have arthritis since your fingers are lovely and straight!).

    So great that you were able to help your daughter out with her vehicle. Hope she feels better soon.

  2. Your sketches are awesome!!

    Yes, it's good that you got your daughter's car fixed for her. I was once on the highway behind a pickup truck. All of a sudden his right rear tire came off and kept stayed on the shoulder of the highway for a bit, then exited into a field. I guess since it was a rear tire, the other three were enough to keep the truck going safely until he could slow down. i'm sure he was as surprised as i was to watch his tire roll away!!

  3. Lisa, your drawings are excellent. I wish I could draw as well. About the wheel, my son went in to get something done, maybe state inspection where they remove a wheel to see how things are wearing. Anyway about a half mile away as he was returning home on a 6 lane highway, his wheel fell off. Of course, the car stopped dead still. He was in the left lane and traffic was moving very slowly so he was not hurt. The mechanic had not tightened the lug nuts properly. Do continue to pray the hedge for your family. Hope your new year is one of happiness and good health.

  4. Thanks goodness, the car is okay again and you can drive again with no wheel-problems!

    The drawing of the hand is WONDERFUL! I know,how difficult it is to draw a hand! The idea of the glasses makes me smile.

  5. Your hand! Love it. Reminds me of a book illustrator, but can't think who it is. You have wonderful talent, as everyone here will testify. :)

  6. Laura and I are reading Wind in the Willows and really enjoying all your little illustrations scattered throughout -- like tiny little gifts just waiting to be found. The book you are reading sounds good.....I'll put it on my list.


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