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Friday, January 15, 2016

I've got mail!

It's so much fun to come home late from work and find two packages in the mail! Climbing out of my car and into the 2* outside of it, I crunched across the snowy road, and by the glow of the streetlight I could dimly make out the form of two largish envelopes. Yay!

Thanks for that top one, Glenn! It contains copies of a CD which I'm going to include in my kids' photo albums. I made a tape of myself singing waaaaay back in 1978. I was living in a small apartment in Angleton, TX. My folks lived in Colorado. So, I made the tape for them to listen to. My guitar playing was very amateurish and the vocals...inconsistent, to say the least. I sang two songs I'd written and a few worship songs that others had written. I also sang along to LP's of Love Song and 2nd Chapter of Acts. It was quite the hodge podge of techniques, lol! Anyway, I figure it's part of the family history and the kids will get a smile out of it. There's also a CD of my son Jordan singing a song he wrote, based on Psalm 86. I'd lost my copy, so thanks again, Glenn, for sending that!
The other package contained this wonderful book which Gretchen was kind enough to send me. I look forward to reading it, and thanks so much for your generosity, Gretchen!
Today was the beginning of Sketchbook Skool! I managed to watch a couple of short videos this morning before work, but now I have the whole weekend to delve into those lessons! I'm so excited! One of the videos talked about moving out of your comfort zone. On my way home tonight it occurred to me that one of the things I'd love to do is learn how to draw and paint angels to illustrate scriptures. This would really be outside my comfort zone because human faces and figures are difficult. But it gives me a goal, and it's something I've wanted to do for so long, but kept putting off because I felt I couldn't do the subject justice. I just have to be willing to work at it and practice, practice, practice! So, Dori, I will endeavor to join you in making some angelic art that will glorify God! :)

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I'm off to Sketchbook Skool! :)


  1. What a great idea to learn to draw angels!
    Oh, it's way too cold there, Lisa. Yikes!
    I'm glad you received some fun mail!

  2. Getting a nice fat envelope or a package in the mail is always a thrill but yours were especially fine.
    I think learning to draw and paint angels is a wonderful challenge which you will enjoy.

  3. Dear Lisa, I am happy with you and enjoy to see and read this post! You are (have been) a musician-girl? - Wonderful!! I made some poems and songs with guitar, too, when I was around 30 years...

    You look so sweet on the cover of the CD! You can be very proud of your son Jordan's songs! I love Psalm 86 very much! You can be proud of your complete family!

    It's such a good feeling to draw angels. You cannot make anything too wrong, because angels are no models, angels are always authentic and great - - and mysterious with their wings. - -



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