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Monday, January 4, 2016

A bookish day...

Do you have a Little Free Library in your community? Several have sprung up in my area, but I just noticed one on the front porch of a business right here in tiny Nevis, MN. I don't think it was there a year ago. I just had to investigate!

This is a picture from Google, but our little library is very similar.

This morning before work, I chose two books to take with me after work so I could trade for something in the little library. I have to say, I was very disappointed at the selection of books. It kind of looks like people just leave their junky novels. I couldn't find anything I was the least bit interested in taking home. I left my two books and then a plot began to take shape in my head. I'm going to make a habit of replacing some of the less inspiring volumes with some classics, or at least something a little more interesting. Ha ha! I feel like Robin Hood! (This girl needs a hobby, right?) I think it will be a fun winter project.

In other book news, I found these two volumes in my mail today!

I bought Traveling Light for a young man at work who is struggling with some burdens. I read it years ago, but flipping through it I think I might read it again before giving it to him. I think I've forgotten a lot of what's in it. The Creative License looks like a fun read. Lots of illustrations!
(Oh, and I didn't pay $9.24 for Traveling Light. I paid 35 cents, plus postage!)

In addition to all the reading I have lined up, I signed up for a six-week art course through Sketchbook Skool. It promises to be tons of fun, learning a lot about drawing, painting and creativity from some really cool artist/teachers. One great thing about it is that I can do it when it's convenient for me, and the videos are mine to watch for-ev-er! Klass (they spell everything with k's) begins officially on Jan. 15th, but there are some preparatory videos to watch now. That's where I'm headed next.

Did anyone happen to watch Downton Abbey? (She asked as if she didn't know she was speaking to a bunch of DA fanatics.) The loose ends are being tied up. Too bad it's the last season!

I have a Christmas dinner cooking. Since I spent Christmas with my daughter and her family I didn't get the perk of I'm making some. :)

Thanks for checking in! Have a great evening and...



  1. There's a Little Free Library in the park where I walk but I too have been disappointed to see mostly kids books. I have taken home a couple of young adult books that were a nice quick read and worth the time spent.
    Sketchbook Skool sounds like just perfect for you. Please tell us all about it as you go along.
    Enjoy your belated Christmas leftovers.

  2. I have not seen any LFL's here. It's such a great idea.
    You are smart to cook up a Christmas dinner in order to have lots of tasty leftovers!

  3. We have a Little Free Library in our church's back garden and I got two cookbooks on Sunday. And, yes, I leave some as well, which is fun. Your new book, The Creative License, looks so interesting....just by the cover. Might have to look for that at the library.

    And you sound well. Stay warm. (yeah, funny, huh?)

  4. Books are good friends - but it must be the right book!

    Without a book as a friend life is much poorer.

    I don't read a lot because of my work with the sheep and art, but every day I urgently need some sentences of my actual book-friend.

    Greetings from the Bavarian forest from Dori

  5. We watched DA during the week in an evening, from the site. Lots of fun! I noticed how quick and flitting the scenes were -- very short. They pack a lot in. We have two little libraries in Oriental, plus a swap shelf in a local sailing store. Sailors like to swap out books. Happy New Year, Lisa!


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