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Sunday, January 24, 2016

A few odds and ends...

I often snap a picture of my old log house which I can see out my west window. That's where I lived for 22 years or so, and where I lived while writing much of my Backwoods Crazyquilt blog. I want to have photos to remember it when I move away. It's where most of our memories were made of raising our wonderful kids.
I bought some M. Graham watercolors a while back. I'd been wanting some more artist grade paints and didn't like my Winsor and Newton paints so much. They didn't seem to have much pigment. I searched around for empty pallets to buy to put the tube paints in. They're expensive! So, I came up with the idea to remove the W&N paints from their little palette and refill it with the M. Grahams. It was a messy process. They were stuck in pretty well. I had to soak them in the sink and then pry them out. Here's the palette with the new paints in it. It was worth the effort to have them in a handy sized palette.
I saved the old Winsor and Newton paints. If I don't use them the grandgirls can. :)

 This is something I came across in my old sketchbook. I used The Drawing Textbook for my kids' art lessons many years ago when we homeschooled. I pulled it out years later and worked through it myself. It's a lot of fun. I still haven't finished it.
This is another project for Sketchbook Skool. I entered a contest to win some new drawing pens. Don't know who won yet. It was a random drawing.

Well, I'd better get ready for work. I have the next two days off!!! Art time!!! :)

Have a great day filled with God's shalom!


  1. When I read your final sentence ( Have a great day filled with God's Shalom) my Anglican side wants to reply And also with you. Actually, in my heart I do say it.

    The log house and the snowy scene look worthy of a January calendar picture. Is your place still for sale? If so, are there any buyers coming in this season?

  2. Yup, still for sale. They just showed it day before yesterday. Haven't heard anything since. I'm hoping I can stay here until next fall, but the Lord only knows! (I don't look forward to the actual moving process, or finding a new place!)

  3. Lisa, it looks like you have as much as and probably more snow than I do! I love the old sketches. Your perspective is A+.

  4. This house looks wonderful in the snow!

    The new colours will inspire you! They look like very good intensive quality.

    Your old ink drawings - Faye is right: Your perspective is A+

    Granny Marigold speaks from my heart - When I read your shalom-blessing, I felt some beautiful light!


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