Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The challenge continues...

These are the next three sketches I did for the Every Day Matters challenge. When the Sketchbook Skool class begins this coming Friday, I'll stop doing this challenge. Don't want to get over committed!     
#7-Draw a bottle, jar or tin from your kitchen.
 #8-Draw your watch or a piece of jewelry. This is a necklace my mom bought for me when she traveled to Israel. It's a favorite!
#9-Draw a cluttered or chaotic desk or countertop.

Time for bed! Thanks for dropping by! It's extremely cold here. Stay warm where you are!


  1. Those are great sketches.
    We keep hearing about the areas that are having extremely cold temps. So glad we don't have them here. As it is I always seem to be cold ( unless of course I'm too hot!!!)

    1. I'm glad you are warmer than I am! The car started fine and got me back and forth to work. Nice and warm at home! :)

  2. Lisa, you are SO talented and I adore the sketches! It's cold here...snowy, windy and just plain cold. But, the old house is warm, all the animals have shelter and that's what matters...for tonight anyway.

    1. You have a satisfying life, Sandra! Everyone is snug and warm because of your hard work. :)

  3. Love these drawings, esp. the desk. I do enjoy seeing your pen and ink drawings..and the watercolor wash is perfect.


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