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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A beloved childhood toy...

I'm doing a challenge called Every Day Matters. Each day we're given a prompt to use when drawing a sketch. The prompt for today was to draw a beloved childhood toy. This is what I drew. I was five, in 1961, when my folks bought this metal, ride-on horse for me. You could lean to one side and the legs on the opposite side swung forward. So cool!

I'm not sure what I was trying to achieve with the scribbly background. I had just been watching lots of videos by Koosje Koene. (She's fun to watch. You should!) She's one of the teachers at Sketchbook Skool. She was encouraging us to experiment and not worry about perfection. I guess I did that, eh? What a mess! Ha ha!

Here's a photo of the real horsey. I see my brothers got BB guns! They were in 7th heaven, too!
And here's the house we lived in. A haunted farm house! Nah. Seriously, it was kind of a cool place to live. It was in Round Rock, Texas, which is now quite a built up area, but was country then. There was a pasture full of cows in our back yard and my grandma and uncle lived in the old trailer next door. We didn't live there long, but it was fun!
That's my mama posing in the foreground. Us kids (we kids?) were sitting on the front porch. Well, that's today's little stroll down memory lane. I'm glad my sketch for today brought back some good memories of my childhood. :)

Y'all stay warm, ya hear?



  1. I think your toy drawing is great!

  2. You had 3 brothers, any sisters? I ask because I also had 3 brothers then after a long space of time 2 sisters were added to the family. They were ( and still are) a lot younger than I am and since we( DH & I) moved away I really only got to know them as adults.

    1. Nope. Just brothers. I did acquire a step-sister when I was 13, so that was fun! :)

  3. This is a wonderful trip into your childhood! Most lovely Lisa-girl on the wooden horse! The farm is (was) romantic!

  4. I love your horse! So glad you further memorialized it :-)


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