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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Book sale haul!

But before I get into the book sale booty, I also got this book through inter-library loan. I've seen several people recommend this lately, so I thought I'd give it a perusal...
I hit the "more expensive" book table first and found three large paperback books called "place". They were printed in the early '70's and contain a hodge-podge of articles on wildly differing subjects. I found them intriguing, and at 50 cents apiece I grabbed all three!
Here are some pages to give you some idea what they are like... (You'll have to click on the photos and get the larger version to actually read them, I think.)

How to build a log cabin.

Just your typical '70's, hippy-ish type of "magazine". 
 Sort of in the same vein, I just had to grab this. If nothing else I can cut these up for collage materials! But there should be some interesting stuff in here. 10 cents.
I found some good little devotional books. Imitation of Christ I've begun before and didn't finish, but this cute, little, old copy made me buy it. Ten cents each.
These just looked like all-around good reading. When I feel like reading about nature. These were $1-$2.
 I no longer have an excuse NOT to read Kristin Lavransdatter! These were always too spendy on Amazon, but I got them for 25 cents apiece! I also got a little J. Austen and C. Bronte. I have these in my Kindle, but I really get tired of reading on that gadget.
Unrelated to each other, but interesting none the less...
The photography book is for my daughter, and the knitting book is wishful thinking, lol!
Some children's books I had to rescue! Some for me, some for the grands. ;)
A few miscellaneous odds and ends.
Now...where will I put them all?
This little bookcase looks kind of forlorn. I think it could use some cheering up!
That will have to do...for now... (You know, I think my camera is getting near-sighted. Or are my hands just shaky?)
And now my winter reading is all set to go. How about you? (And I spent less than $10!) When I moved to my new place after the bedbug fiasco, I stored a lot of my books in my daughter's barn. I also threw a lot away because I didn't want to risk spreading bedbugs to anyone by donating them. So, it's nice to have more books around again!

I've been slowing down in the art department, but I have completed my 5x7 canvas for July. I decoupaged some mulberry paper on my canvas first, covered it with a glossy coat and then painted the pterodactyl. The guy I painted this for made some really cute cards of dinosaurs with big eyes, so I thought he might like this one. :)
Update: My RV neighbors packed up and left yesterday!!! It feels so spacious around here!! After my fairly positive comments on Monday they decided to throw a big party with about 20 people who sounded like they had consumed too much alcohol. Lots of yelling, laughing, occasional swearing, and some guy gunning his motorcycle engine. Yeah. I wasn't happy. And it lasted until probably 11 p.m. Then a big lightning storm came through which caused some of them to leave, but some were still sitting outside under just the awning on the trailer, playing on their a lightning storm! I am SO THANKFUL for my peace and solitude at the moment. I know someone else may rent that spot, but I doubt I'll have that sort of thing to contend with again. For the most part it is very peaceful around here. Thank You, Lord!

Thanks for sticking it out and looking at my books! I hope you all have a good book sale near you soon!
Stay cool (It's only about 60 here today. I'm wearing a flannel shirt!) and SHALOM to you and yours!


  1. Ooooh! Book sales!! The prices you paid were very low compared to what our library prices them for book sales but still, when you think what new books cost!!
    I am so happy for you that your noisy neighbours left. Now you can enjoy some peace and quiet while you read. ( You aren't going to save all those books for winter reading, are you?)

  2. Lisa, what a haul! That should keep you reading for quite a while I think.. Your dinosaur art is so precious and I know it will be joyfully received. I remember A Kiss for Little Bear, but I don't know who I read it to. I have so many books to get rid of. I hate to give them all away b//c my daughter loves books, especially old ones. They are so costly to mail so i'll just hang onto them in the bookcase.

  3. Oh, Lisa, I wish I could have gone to that book sale with you! You found some true treasures! I ADORE Little Bear books. I love Lavrensdatter (I believe it's a trilogy, so you may need to find a missing book?), and there are so, so many good reads in your collection! I was amazed you had an empty bookshelf just sitting there -- I wish! But the bedbug event explained that. Well, isn't it good to be planning winter reading? I'm so eager for fall and cooler temps. I hate, hate this heat :( So happy for your finds! Enjoy your hippy magazines! They look quite interesting. That's a unique era we probably won't see the likes of again.

  4. You will be busy with all of those treasures. A great selection, so varied!


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