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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer knitting...

I had a sudden hankering to do some knitting yesterday. As someone who seems destined to remain a beginner I looked for something very simple. A dishcloth! It's coming along nicely. I really love this color of yarn. I won't make any big plans about making a stack of these to give away at Christmas. Right now I'll just plan on finishing this one! I really like the plastic needles I'm using. I picked them up at a thrift store for $1, I think. They're very quiet.
Here's the video I used in case there are any other beginners out there. She made me a little impatient with the fiddly beginning of this video, but she eventually got going and it was easy to follow.

My new neighbor. He's very quiet.
 These cards were for a Pick-a-Theme swap. The main theme was the UK, but each participant asked for something specific. This gal wanted an Irish cottage with a rainbow...
 This one wanted The Lady of the Lake.
 This player just wanted something to do with Irish mythology, so I made a pixie. The only protection from her magic is a four-leaf clover or an image of St. Patrick.
 This lady wanted something historical. She mentioned illuminated letters as an option, so I did this one. I had a hard time finding an example that was "simple" enough!
 This one of St. George and the Dragon I made for the host as a gift.
 I went to the doctor yesterday about the tick bite between my toes. He recommended that we go straight to antibiotics since my foot had been swollen for about 11 days already. He said if we sent in a blood test it would take so long to come back that I'd be that much further behind on treatment. So I'm taking doxycycline with its long list of possible side effects. Please pray that this will work safely. I've been on way too many antibiotics this year!

I LOVED The Scent of Water. I finished it in just a couple of days and I've ordered another Elizabeth Goudge book and a movie.

Everyone have a blessed week!


  1. I'm sorry you got bitten by a tick; hopefully the antibiotic will deal with the effects and quickly!

    I like the cards especially the illuminated "B".
    And I'm glad your newest neighbour is a quiet one.

  2. Oh dear re: tick bite! :(((( _The Scent of Water_ is so wonderful! I recommend _the dean's watch_ by her as well! ♡

  3. First: Congratulations for your quiet new neighbour!

    Nice knitting - meditation in summer for Christmas-presents!

    Your cards are beautiful. I LOVE ST.George!

    Better you take the medicine. It's more dangerous to do nothing, because it's a problem. You will be good, I'm sure!

  4. Yikes! I'm glad you are on meds for that tick bite.
    Lovely cards, as usual!
    Woo hoo! Go, Knitter, go!
    You can learn a lot by trying different dishcloth patterns. There are many free ones on Ravelry (free to join).

  5. Oh, you make me want to read Goudge again. I STILL think about her books. The plot, settings and people stick firmly in the mind, and they are not dislodged easily! I'll look for that one for winter reading.
    I'm glad your new neighbor is thoughtfully quiet. I did feel, from your description, that those other folks were very insensitive! It's not all about their partying! Oh well.
    I recognize that knitting pattern! You know, you can make it a bit bigger and do a doll baby blanket, or a whole lot bigger and do a regular baby blanket. Same pattern, just longer needles, haha. I do love how plastic ones are so quiet! It looks very nice. Love the pretty yellow.
    Your art is beautiful, as always!!!

  6. You are not such a beginner as I... I probably need to watch that video, and many more!! Your dish cloth is just the type of thing I'd like to be able to produce during times when I'm sitting around with hands free.


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