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Saturday, July 8, 2017

cheek by jowl...

Aaaargh! Can any of my introvert (dare I say hermit-like?) friends relate? I was asked to move my car earlier today so someone could use the RV spot. This is what I see when I look out my kitchen window. (Trying to take photos on the sly...)

All of their windows are facing my kitchen window, so if I'm at the sink they can see me. Especially at night. It will be like a fish bowl. I'll be closing my curtains later...

This lady is part of a circle of people visiting outside. They talk loudly. Some of them must be parked on my sidewalk.
I'll try to spend my time feeling sorry for them for having such a crappy camping spot, lol. And I'll spend some time at the other end of the trailer in my bedroom watching movies. I'm hoping they're just here for the weekend. At any rate, if they stay longer they'll probably be able to move to a better spot on Monday. I think they would be surprised if I popped out of my front door. :) But I'm staying put tonight. I'm going to church in the morning, so they'll just have to deal with it, right? Yeah, I'm glad this isn't my forever home. But this really doesn't happen that often, so I'm still blessed to live here. Not complaining (too much?), Lord!

Update a few minutes later. (They must have gone to dinner.)
Privacy restored, mwahahaha! Now I can make my dinner and go about my business.
 And I'm feeling blessed to still have this view! (Excuse my happy clutter!)

Love you guys! Thanks for listening to me whine!
Shalom to all of us! :)


  1. I am sorry, that they cut somehow your freedom, which is your basic ground for feeling good. Try to look to the blessings! Nobody can take your blessings away. Be strong against enemies and try to forget/ignore them as much as possible and as much as necessary for your inner peace. They cannot cut your freedom in LOVE!

  2. I'm sure I would also feel very invaded if I had an RV right outside my window. We can only hope they don't stay long. Maybe you could play some music, I'm thinking Bagpipes, just loud enough to drown out their voices. (That wouldn't work on me, I actually like the bagpipes).

    1. I love bagpipes, too! I think it will be okay. I can always turn on the A/C. That's loud enough to mask any noise they make. :)

  3. I hope this is only a tiny bit of time that they are that close! how is it going now? you live there full time right now and you should not have to worry about bothering them, that's for sure in my book! I do think your place is really cute and I hope the RV moves soon and you can have your peaceful little pad back! :)

  4. I love Granny's music idea! This situation would be very hard for me!!

  5. Oh boy, can I relate! I would feel the same way -- snapping closed the curtains, avoiding the windows. seclusion in the bedroom. Yep! I do hope they move on soon. You don't need that on your front stoop :) Here's to winter, when you will be quite alone there!


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