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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


So, I'm wonderin'. When I leave a reply to your comments do you see that somewhere? I suppose not if you're a "no reply commenter" or whatever that's called. SO, I'll probably answer some of your comments in my posts just to be sure you see my answers.

Granny, you're first! :) You mentioned that you would be terrified to go to a large group thing like the Women's Retreat at my church. I know exactly what you mean! I took an online test some years ago that said I'm 100% introverted. Didn't surprise me a bit. I realize that introversion and shyness are not the same thing, but I had allowed my shyness to take over down through the years. So, I've decided to do battle with that tendency and FORCE myself to do social things. Actually, I find that once I bite the bullet and commit I do enjoy this sort of thing. I really do LIKE people. My favorite reading genre is the autobiography because I'm fascinated with other people's lives. My main fear seems to be not being able to come up with something to talk about. However, I find that once I get in a group there is usually at least one avid talker who will keep things rolling. I need to think less about what others think of me and more about them and their needs. Anyway, this is part of my training to get out of my shell so God can use me in the church. And if I get to shoot a gun or paint a canvas in the process, so much the better, lol.

I hope I didn't impress you all too much with my early rising post, ha ha! I think yesterday I woke up at 4, but probably didn't actually get up until 5:30 or so. But I was awake in the interim, so maybe that counts? Anyway, in reply to Elizabeth, I did have to take a nap about 9 a.m.! And I felt like taking another one in the afternoon, but I didn't. I've really been tired lately, and I think the culprit is a new wave of pollen producers. At least there's a reason for my feeling tired. That in itself makes me feel better!

I hit the trail by 7:45 this morning and took a 2 mile walk. I'm feeling sleepy rather than all bouncy and energetic, but I'm going to try to push myself to walk more regularly. The muscles and joints need the movement!

Otherwise, I've been working on some art cards. Are you guys familiar with Loteria cards? I had made one for a swap a while back and I love the bright colors on them. Here are the two I have finished so far. I have three more to make. There are over 50 cards in a loteria deck and the gal who's hosting this swap is going to have a series of swaps so each player ends up with a full deck. I'll let you Google Loteria if you're curious about the game, rather than go on and on here.
And then I made this card for a Make Me Happy Forest Animals trade.
You guys have a great day! I appreciate everyone who stops by so I'm not totally talking to myself!
XXOO and shalom!


  1. Yes, I can see that about introverts and the spiritual discipline of caring for others. You would appreciate Elizabeth Goudge's book _The Deans Watch_

  2. If I think a reply might have been made to a comment I left I usually will go back and check but this way works too.
    I'd never heard of Loteria but Wikipedia gives a pretty good description.

  3. Love the drawing, Lisa. No, the replies people leave on their own comment section do not show up for the person who originally left the comment. If they should somehow go back to your comment page, they would see it.

    I am reading too. I like light (cozy) mysteries, but I also like the deeper ones that make me think and try to figure out the culprit.


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