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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Butterfly farming!

Daughter, Micah, and her three little girls have been raising Monarchs in their kitchen. So far they've released one butterfly to the wild and another is ready today! She took this photo of one ready to "hatch"... (see the vacant chrysalis in the background?)
 and a few seconds later it was out!
 Here's another chrysalis that Micah said has been up for a couple of days, and next to it this caterpillar just assumed the "J" position, ready to don his/her chrysalis. Micah said the green material comes out of the caterpillar's head and it wiggles into it like someone trying to get into a tight pair of jeans, lol.
They're finding lots of these caterpillars in their yard. They just put them into plastic food storage containers with snap on lids and throw in some milkweed leaves and the caterpillars do the rest. It's been an exciting experience and they are looking forward to releasing each one. My comment on Facebook where she posted these photos...

"Animals must have more faith than people. I mean, I think it would sort of mess with my mind if I woke up one morning and I could suddenly fly..."   Oh yeah. It's gonna happen, folks. 

Just wanted to share these little miracles.


  1. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. That's a great thing to do with children or even without them!

  3. What good memories this will make! Love it. I've been keeping watch on our milkweed, but no caterpillars as of yet.


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