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Monday, July 10, 2017

They're still here...

Ha ha!! Granny Marigold suggested that I play bagpipe music to drive my "near" neighbors away, and Gretchen seconded the suggestion. Then we all realized that we actually LIKE bagpipe music, so maybe that wouldn't work. These folks love to laugh and talk loudly and I don't think music would be much of a deterrent to them. I do have to say they seem to be nice folks. I came home from church yesterday with several bags of groceries and when they saw me going back for a second load they asked if they could help. They also asked if they were in my way. I'm not sure how long they're staying, but I think I'll survive quite nicely. Thanks for all of your commiseration! It does make me feel better! ;)

I went to church yesterday for the first time in quite a while. I've always felt awkward going by myself. I think Micah and her family may switch to the local Vineyard church, so I thought I'd be a grown up and go by myself. I got an invitation after church to join some ladies at a little cafe where they get together and visit every Sunday after church. God is so good to drop this opportunity in my lap. And while we were visiting I mentioned that I had a desire to volunteer to help with the AWANA program in the fall. The lady sitting next to me "just happened" to be in charge of AWANA! God is good yet again! So, now I'm signed up as a "listener". I'll listen to the 3rd-6th graders recite their memorized scripture passages. She said she also needed "leaders", but I thought I should get a year of experience under my belt before trying that. :) I'm also excited to go to the Women's Retreat in September. Kind of a whirlwind initiation into church life, but just what I needed!

My son-in-law, Adam, has begun clearing a spot to build a new house. It's right next door to the trailer where they live now. I plan to buy the trailer from them when their house is completed and be neighbors. Kind of a backwoods granny pod. I'm posting pics mainly for my step-dad who is interested in watching the progress. You can all look forward to lots of constructions photos in the future, ha ha! :)

Just showing the woods around the edge of the cleared area.

I love these woods and I think they'll be less allergenic for me. Very few pines!

This is looking south. That field belongs to a local farmer and is always full of deer, turkeys or sandhill cranes.

Looking west, there's where I'll be living. Don't worry. It will all be green again...eventually!

Here I backed into the woods on the east end of the cleared area. This will be their backyard.

Taken from the south edge of the clearing, pointing sort of northwest.

Looking at the clearing while standing south of the trailer house.

 Next stage will be to have sand hauled in to be leveled before framing and pouring a cement slab. The slab will be heated by hot water, which will be supplied by the wood stove. They should be able to use the present well and septic for both houses. Prayers for smooth sailing are appreciated!

Well, I stocked up on movies at the library, so I think I will partake of one tonight. I found Lady in the Van! I've been wanting to watch that for a long time! Also the first season of Elementary. Do any of you watch it? A modern day Sherlocke Holmes. I've watched some of it at the kids' house. I don't have Netflix.

My step-dad, Glenn, just sent me two more packages. When we were in Texas for Jordan's wedding we stayed with Glenn for two nights and talked a lot about Mom. Glenn said he would mail me some of Mom's mementos, and the packages arrived this weekend. Contained in them was a doll Mom made some years back. She and my Aunt Dixie enjoyed doll making for a season. The hair color is a lot like mine...hmmm. I'm glad to have the honor of taking care of her.

He also sent some stories that Mom wrote when she was taking a course through The Institute of Children's Literature. She loved to write and used her gift to glorify God in so many ways.

 This copy of her 1951 high school yearbook is a real treasure! (Angleton High School)

Mom and  Wendell Fleshman were Most Popular!

Mom drew lots of cute illustrations to decorate the yearbook.

Glenn also included Mom's huge collection of colorful bead necklaces. She and her sisters liked to dress up for tea parties and have lots of fun laughing and visiting. These will remind me of that and will be enjoyed by me, Micah and my granddaughters (when they're a little older). I chose three and gave the rest to Micah. She was so excited to get them!
Along with these treasures was a 3-ring binder of emails sent between my oldest brother, Bobby, (aka Will) and my mom over the years. Bobby kind of disappeared from society about five years ago. We've no idea if he's still among us or has passed on to glory. So, I'll gladly keep the emails to revisit from time to time. He was a philosopher, poet, writer, humorist, musician and all-around character who lived a voluntarily homeless life. He lived out of a backpack and slept in the woods for most of his life. He was also, by confession, a born-again Christian. So, I'm not worried about him. I pray for him and trust God to keep track of his spirit.
With his free-spirited character, he didn't last long in the Navy, but he did see a bit of the world. Here he's in the Philippines, and I know he also went to Greece.

Ah, the '70's. These are my brothers James (left) and Bobby/Will on the right enjoying a chat.
Well, now I think it's time for that movie! I pray that God's peace (shalom!) surrounds all of you, dear friends and family members. Until next time!


  1. that's really lovely! the things of your Mothers are such a treasure! what a special brother you have! must be hard to have lost contact but he sounds like one who loved God and simple life in a big world. God bless him! Glad the nearby neighbours are kind, that's wonderful! neat about the house building! may God bless it and protect it!! loved your post as always!!!

  2. I think it's great that you can live near your daughter and her family and it can be sort of a "Dawdy haus". Isn't that what the Amish call such?

    It's also great that you were given some of your mom's special things. Seeing the sketches that your mom did I can see where you get your talent from.

  3. What good news! The Lord is producing wonderful wonders!

    One of the sentences of me-Dori: "The greatest wonders happen inside the hearts."

    And another sentence: "The blessing always is bigger than the curse."

    After a lot of big challenges for my brave sister Lisa in Christ here I am allowed to read such happy things!

  4. I will love seeing all the house-building photos - I love that kind of thing! He's doing a great job. Look at all that dirt moving! I love the items from your momma. I do hope you can somehow find your brother again. But if not on this planet, then in heaven, which (truly) is not that far away!

  5. I know you have mentioned this general plan before, of living on the property with family - I am so excited for you that the project has begun!!

    Also, how lovely that the too-close neighbors are good people :-)


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