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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Morning moon...

I got a couple of pictures of the moon this morning just before it went behind the trees.

I love the little  halo around it.
Not much going on today. Just a lot of sorting through old pictures. I'm going to eventually finish up some photo albums and make a little album for each of my kids. Any left over photos may be packaged up and sent to each child. I'll still have a box full, but not quite so much! :)
Have a nice Sunday evening and shalom!

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  1. Several years ago, I bought 3 of those those plastic bins with tops about 24x15x10 (just guessing). One for son, one for daughter and one for Alan and me. I went through as many photos as I had out and available and tossed photos into the bins. I just didn't have the ummpf to manage albums and decided to let them opt which ones to keep and which ones to go to other relatives. Anytime I find a photo, I just toss it in. My mother did albums for us. Unfortunately, she couldn't afford bought ones so she used old 3 ring notebooks and GLUED the photos onto the notebook papers, back and front sides. It took some doing to try to get those things loose.


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