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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Time with the girls...

I do enjoy spending time with my grandgirls, Audrey (2) and Hazel (1). There's never a dull moment! Hazel is usually taking her nap when I arrive, so after visiting with daughter Micah before she leaves for work, I wash up any dishes and pick up toys.

The girls got a ball pit type toy for Christmas. The pit has disappeared (presumably punctured) but the balls remain! I've corralled some of them in the shopping cart...

...plastic food in its basket...

...Valentine bears...
...blocks bagged up...

...rocking lion in his corner...

...Bubble Guppies doing their thing on TV...

Audrey is usually painting within a few minutes after her Mom leaves.

Her favorite game...

The keeper of the gates, aka Homer. Being a Border Collie, he feels obligated to corner me until I pet him. :)

The view out of the dining room window. Note Homer keeping an eye on the "livestock". (There's not any legitimate livestock work for Homer to do around this little farm, but we like to let him think he's doing an important job.)

The neighboring corn field.
I asked Audrey what she was drawing. "Mr. Krab!" As in SpongeBob Squarepants.

Hazel's up! This is the only unblurry picture I got of her. Notice the blocks scattered in the background. Once she enters the scene all of those carefully picked up toys get dumped back on the floor and playtime begins! I love it!

This is my latest ATC. This swap involves drawing/painting wildlife. Wolverine!
At this ATC website and another drawing site I go to there is increasing concern over copyrighted photographs being used as references for drawing. The other site actually closed down and now we have to draw from "real life" or our own photos. This ATC site hasn't done that yet. It would be pretty hard to draw most of our subject matter from real life or our memories. So, who knows.
I'm off to spend some time going through piles of family photos to try to get them in some kind of order and get rid of unwanted/excess stuff. I'm also trying to give each of my kids a collection for a photo album. Long-term project! I hope to also do some reading and...
take a nap!
Have a great weekend and shalom to you all!


  1. I hope you get that nap, Lisa! Audrey is like her granny! Paint away, little lamb!

  2. I enjoyed being a part of your Saturday and meeting your grandkids. It's been a long time since I had anyone young in my life so I relish being in yours. I like your wolverine. I don't know I have ever seen a real one. Your painting is good.

  3. Cute grands girls :) And it's so nice that they are painting already -- you're a good influence! Homer looks adorable and friendly. I'm glad he has horses to chase!


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