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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sent myself some Valentines gifts!

I decided to sit myself down and do something I've been putting off. Signing up for online banking. Yawn. But it will be good to be able to see what my account is up to.

I'm going to drop my computer off at the computer place and have my favorite computer guys debug it and reinstall my word processor, which I uninstalled for some weird reason. Then I can begin my great American novel. :) I will also see if I have an antivirus thingy or if I need to get one. Pop-up boxes all over the place.

Here are my two Valentine's gifts!

I heard about these over at ATC's for All and thought they sounded very interesting!
Early tomorrow morning I'm scheduled for a mammogram. Fun, huh? Not expecting any great revelations. Just ticking off the "to do" boxes.
I don't work until 2 today (2-8), so I'm having a nice relaxing morning. (Well, at least after I figured out the banking account thing!)
You all have a great day and lots of shalom in the Lord.


  1. Doing 29 faces gets tedious to me too. Last night I drew eyes, nose and mouth on watercolor paper and splashed red hair around. It took five minutes. It took longer to post.

    I have been letting the bank pay all my bills, except church and a few who prefer real checks, for two or three years. It is easy to keep up with when you can go in and see who has been paid and who hasn't and you can set up exactly when to pay. I have some changeable amounts, like electricity, and some recurring amounts like car insurance.

    We never DID anything special for Valentine's Day but I do miss the beautiful, expensive cards my dh bought and of course, the little bit of chocolate he'd have at my breakfast place when I got up on Valentine's Day.

  2. I just had m and m's. The snow and ice kept me from getting out to get chocolate bars. Good for you!

  3. like you, I signed up for online banking, now to remember to go check!


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