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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Morning sun...

The creations and pursuits of mankind can sometimes become stale; boring even. But have you noticed that sunrises never get old? Neither do the moon and the stars at night. I keep taking pictures trying to capture their beauty. They can't really be imprisoned on camera. We just have to hold that beauty in our memories.

My dear daughter, Micah, entrusted me with a secret a couple of days ago. She and her husband, Adam, were expecting their third baby! She was excited, but unsure how I would react. She had gotten so many comments over the last few years about not having too many babies (she wants six) at such a young age. I was delighted and knew God would provide. Then yesterday she suffered a miscarriage. She left a sad face text message on my phone while I was at work. I called and she told me the news. It was a sad time for all three of us. I hope she will tell her siblings. They would want to pray for her and comfort her. I feel some comfort knowing that this little one was met at the gates of Heaven by Jesus...and Grandpa. :)
I'm thankful that Micah wasn't home alone when this occurred. She was at a MOPS meeting (Mothers of Preschoolers) at our church. God made sure she was surrounded by friends who would look after her and her little girls. Her sister-in-law and others watched the girls while Micah went to the clinic. I wish she would have called me at work. I would have gone with her. But I'm so glad she wasn't alone.
I'm also thankful for the hope that is within every believer in Jesus. We can look forward to seeing all of our loved ones when our time here is over. No fear!



  1. Hey sweet friend...I 'am' sorry about your daughter's miscarriage. I understand....and hope she has a time to rest.

  2. Oh. Our Kelli had two miscarriages and we were very sad. I will pray for Micah.

  3. LIsa, I am sad for your families' loss. I too am glad your daughter had the help she needed right where this occurred. Hugs to you all.

  4. Lisa, I'm so sorry for this loss. As you say, we seem to accumulate more and more loved ones in heaven to wait for us. And this baby -- how precious will be your meeting with him or her, since you didn't get to meet here first!
    I feel the same about viewing the Neuse River here, as you describe above -- a camera simply can't capture how massive, how expansive, how wide the river is, how tall the sky. I look at it, gaping and amazed, each time I round the bend in the road. It never, ever gets old, and in fact is every-time stunning.


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