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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A day off!

Here is my calendar illustration from yesterday. The Febreze is helping, and I think the aroma of skunk is lessening a little each day. Thank goodness!

My To-Do List for today includes getting some newspaper clippings of my daughter's various high school age activities (track, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, taekwondo, summer theater, AWANA, 4-H) organized and put away. They've been occupying the middle of my living room floor for quite a while.

I also need to go through the house and make some decisions about some items that need to be thrown or given away. A garage sale may be in my future. That's hard to plan when you're working and don't have another person to help. I'm sure dear daughter would love to, but she's working every Saturday for the summer. We'll see. I know people will show up at 6:30 a.m. wanting to look through things, so they have to be out there on Friday night. (I don't have a garage. This would be items lined up on a flatbed trailer and covered by a tarp at night.)

Speaking of dear daughter. She had an appointment with her OB yesterday, but her doctor had to deliver a baby before he could see her. Audrey and Hazel decided to use the time for reading. :)

I also need to go through our old camper and my dad's old cabin and figure out what to do with hundreds of taekwondo trophies. The kids don't really want them and I feel terrible throwing them in a dumpster! Their instructor of many years said he might be able to use a few, but there are so many. My three kids used to go to a competition almost every month and each of them would bring home several trophies. Mostly first places!

There's very little outside the house I want to keep, so I'll concentrate on the inside. I'm just paring things down in the event that I have to move later. Even if I don't move, I'd like to have less "stuff" to take care of. A big dump trailer would be nice to have about now instead of just the trunk of my car, lol!

Here's a recent snapshot of Nathan and Starry in Kentucky. Awww! (Of course, Nathan has a stick to play with, like any red-blooded boy would! And Starry's binky matches her boots!)
Son Jordan (right) and worship team getting set up for Sunday morning. (Open Door Church, Burleson, TX)
And here he is (left) providing music (along with the pastor's son) at their baptismal service.
Did I already show you this one of Josh? Wife Jess is taking a picture every day of her blessings. I think the cake was supposed to be what she was thankful for, but Josh is a daily blessing and great model!
And her most recent photo for Cinco de Mayo. The beard is growing!
For those who don't know, Nathan and Starry, pictured above, are Josh's kiddos.
Well, everyone have a great day filled with the peace of God!


  1. You have such a precious family. :) Love seeing their sweet faces.

    1. Thank you, dear! I don't get to see my boys in person very often, so I cherish each picture that pops up on Facebook! :)

  2. Looks like they are keeping ya busy!

  3. The solution to collections of trophies or other similar stuff is to arrange everything on a table and take a photo or several of them, then put them in the trash. Then people have a record of the honors, in a form that doesn't take up much room at all! My children were happy to do this with their own sports trophies.

  4. I forgot to say that your illustrated calendar is a wonderful idea, and I love seeing the pictures for each day.


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