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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Great idea for an illustrated calendar!

I was just visiting Alarm Cat's blog and saw the wonderful illustrated calendars she's been making each month. I thought, what a great idea to draw a "little something" every day of the month. These are actually 1" squares, so it doesn't take much to fill them. See any obvious mistakes in my calendar?

In case you missed it...I guess I haven't let go of April yet. Hmmm...I'll have to break out the gesso or something to fix that.

There are LOTS of extra squares to be filled in which equals MORE FUN!

Mine will perch on the arm of the couch waiting for it's daily dose of drawing. Since my pen isn't waterproof I'll probably use colored pencil to color some of the squares.

Audrey, Hazel and I watched out their big picture window while the robins bathed in puddles. They thought that was pretty exciting and SO CUTE.  They're so interested in birds!
Don't forget to visit Alarm Cat for more inspiration!


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  1. very nice :) Good idea to keep it handy, that way you'll be able to jot down something quick every day!!

    It's a fun exercise. You'll enjoy looking back over the past month's to see what you did.


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