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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thrift shop finds!

A beautiful sunny day here in northern Minnesota! The summer breeze is blowing through my windows and it even topped 70 degrees!

I've already been to town to run some errands. I stopped in at the thrift store to buy a greeting card. I want to send a note to my late husband's oncologist to thank him for his wonderful care. Bob just loved him and he hoped to see the doctor in Heaven. The art on the card is created by Russian orphans and the money raised from their sale will go to build an orphanage in Mexico.

I was determined to buy just the card but, of course, once I got inside...The first thing I saw was this little vintage watercolor box. It's metal and so wonderful!

I'll actually use the paints and then refill the box with tube watercolors. I saw someone showing their old metal watercolor boxes on YouTube the other day and was hoping I could one day get one. Thank you Lord for remembering the little things that will bless us. :)
I also found this teapot for $1.99! This one is big enough to hold maybe four cups of tea. More my size for big mugs of tea! :D
I couldn't leave without looking over the book selection. Two for me and one for Audrey and Hazel.

Happy Mother's Day to me!
Tomorrow, Micah and I, along with Audrey and Hazel, are going out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant for lunch. Adam has some work plans that can't be changed, so we'll have a girl's day out! It's always a challenge when dining with young'uns, but if things get out of hand we'll put our lunch in doggy bags and bring it to my house to finish. Then the girls can run free while we finish eating. You have to be creative! ;)
Happy Mother's Day to all of you! Glenn, give Mom a hug for me!


  1. Aw! Thank you for sharing your trip to the thrift shop! SO fun!
    Happy Mother's Day to you, good mother!

  2. Have a wonderful Mother's Day - I'm sure the multi-generational group will be festive in any case, and the parent will be glad to have an extra hand.

    So sweet how God arranged for you to find a vintage paint box!


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