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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Unearthing treasures!

I woke up in declutter mode this morning! A day off inspired me to look at my possessions and evaluate whether or not I really wanted and needed them, or I was just too lazy to get rid of them. I came up with several bags of books to go to the library for the book sale. (The book sale is today. I'm not going. That would only cancel out the good work I'm doing! lol!) I'm also going to get rid of some boxes full of old homeschooling papers. The only things I'll keep are artwork and stories the kids wrote. All of those old math and science papers that we feel guilty about throwing out don't help me to remember the creativity and humor of my three very original children. So, out they go! I'd prefer to see them cremated in dear daughter's woodstove than to think of them wandering around lost at the dump. Or falling into the hands of uncaring strangers. (Silly me.)

I've had this copy of Wanderings for many years. I accquired it through Paperbackswap. I'm thinking I'm more likely to read this than Josephus (which has a tiny font), so I set it next to my comfortable chair.

This was one of the books I used for homeschooling art class. He has lots of good tips on drawing. Worth another read!

I finally decided to part with my copy of The Encyclopedia of Country Living. Remember that? Carla Emery sold thousands of copies because of the Y2K scare. We weren't really scared, but I loved the idea of all that info in one book. Glad I flipped through it before putting it in the giveaway bag. It was full of dried columbines and yarrow leaves!

I'm going to Mod Podge a couple of those in my journal. We'll see how that goes. An opportunity to write about my old herbalist phase. ;)

May 7. I fried chicken all day at work and drove home in the rain. :)

I had an old quilt stuck away on a shelf in my closet. It was totally shabby and ready to throw. Then I realized that there were a lot of really cute old pieces of fabric in it. I'm not a quilt maker, but it occurred to me that I could use this fabric for collaging on ATC's!

This is one of my favorite scraps. It appeals to the hippy in me!

There is so much stuff in kitchen cupboards that I never use. Jars, an old pressure canner and water bath canner, dishes, knick knacks. Someone else might need them, so I'm mentally marking them down on my garage sale list.

Here's that finished journal page. Mod Podged dried flowers always remind me of the insects trapped in amber that the Victorians loved to collect. It worked out pretty well!

Tomorrow Micah has an emergency dental visit, so I'll be going to work at 9 and then meeting her at the dentist's office at 1:30 to watch the girls while she has her teeth fixed. I think she'll be having two extractions. Prayers appreciated! (They're molars and have become infected.)

Off to enjoy the day! Hope you're enjoying yours as well. Looking forward to my weekend off! :)

Shalom, all!


  1. Good work, Lisa! May is a good month to do this. More place for new light. But some valuable old stuff is important for our biography. I love this patchwork cloth and your Hippie clothes :) I think you are senitive enough to choose the right things to save or to throw away.

  2. What a lot accomplished!
    Did you meet Carla Emery when she made her tours teaching writing, etc. to homeschoolers? I hosted her here so she could give a workshop - I loved it, and her storytelling.
    Also bought her book, but haven't used it much!


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